How much will your swimming pool repair cost?

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Pool Repair Technicians on Thumbtack cost$94 - $100

Average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$90
  • Most common low price:$94
  • Most common high price:$100
  • Highest price:$150

How much does it cost to repair a pool?

The national average cost to repair a pool ranges from $90-$130. However, costs range from $30-$49 (for smaller repairs) to $1,515-$3,100 (for larger repairs).

Pool repair costs:

National average cost $100
Average cost range $90-$130
Low-end cost $30-$49
High-end cost $1,515-$3,100

Whether you need to replace a pool pump, replace a motor or fix a leak in a fiberglass swimming pool, you’ll likely need to hire a pro.

Read this guide to learn more about common swimming pool malfunctions, repairs and costs. Then, start requesting free quotes from swimming pool repair pros near you.

Swimming pool leak repair cost

The average cost homeowners pay to fix pool leaks is $1,133.  Your swimming pool will naturally lose water due to evaporation, but a major leak requires immediate attention. 

Pool leak repair cost:

Average cost $1,133
Low-end cost $80
High-end cost $4,000
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Pool leak detection

If you don’t have a pro fix your leaking swimming pool, you run the danger of concrete and pipe corrosion. In other words, your pool’s structural integrity will be at risk. A leaking pool can impact your plumbing lines as well. Not to mention, you’re also wasting water and resources. 

It’s best to have a company come out and use leak detection methods to find and diagnose pool leaks. However, you might be able to diagnose it yourself by checking the water level and other areas, including:

Pool liner

Leaks can occur when the seal provided by the liner of the pool is compromised. Usually, you don’t need a replacement liner to fix the leak — the hole can be patched with the right tools, sealant and skills.


Pool leaks also happen if there’s a problem with the plumbing system. Issues with the pipes can arise due to inadequate cleaning, poor maintenance or inground issues. Or, your plumbing might be worn out. 

Pool skimmer

You may also need inground pool repair services if you discover leaking in or around the skimmer. The skimmer helps remove debris before it enters your filter or pump, where it could clog a drain. 

Regular pool maintenance can help prevent leaks, but inground concrete pools nearly always develop problems at the skimmer throat, which is where the skimmer takes in water.

Cost of common swimming pool repairs

The cost of repairs will also depend on whether you need replacement equipment and parts. Here are some parts that may fail and the cost to replace them:

A new pool pump and motor may cost between $140 and $250. The pool pump and motor are important because it helps circulate the pool’s water so it can be cleaned and filtered.

Pool heaters can cost as little as $80 (for solar panels, for example) and over $4,000 (for natural gas pool heaters, for example).

Pool filters typically cost between $150 to over $1,000. The filter helps with cleaning your pool and keeping larger debris out of your pool’s plumbing. Regularly replacing the filters is part of an effective pool maintenance program.

A new vinyl pool liner typically costs between $300 and $700. A strong liner in good condition is crucial because the liner provides a seal that keeps the water inside.

Pool tile repair kits and concrete pool patches start at about $20. Applying a pool patch in a timely fashion can help prevent leaks from damaging the pool’s components or the surrounding areas.

A wall-mounted skimmer starts at around $50 but can cost as much as $300. The pool skimmer removes debris and oily residue off the surface of the pool. As it skims, it helps keep the swimming pool clean.

Keep in mind the above costs for pumps, motors, etc. are retail price estimates for parts and materials — not the labor. The cost of labor will depend on how much pros in your area charge for their services. 

Labor costs

On average, pros who repair swimming pools cost $85 per hour. Hourly rates range from $65 to $120 per hour.

Swimming pool repair hourly rates:

National average cost $85/hour
Low-end cost range $65-$80/hour
High-end cost range $95-$120/hour
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Signs your swimming pool needs repairs

If you know what to look for, it’s easy to figure out when your swimming pool requires repairs. Here are some common problems and the tell-tale signs it’s time to fix them:

  • Your pool pump or motor is failing if you’re getting low filter pressure readings, the pump is leaking or it’s making a lot of noise.
  • You may need a new filter if the pressure keeps increasing or if it has cracked end caps on the filter cartridges. If you see frayed pleats or ripped, tattered or crushed material inside the filter itself, you may need to replace it.
  • You should look into getting a new pool liner if your pool is losing water or if the current liner has fading, staining, stretching, cracks, rips or wrinkles.
  • You may need a new pool heater if the current heater is not heating the water at all or the water heats up slower than normal.
  • You (or your pool maintenance pro) suspect a leak. A professional can utilize a leak detection method to confirm if you're losing water due to normal evaporation or a major problem that needs attention.

Is it worth it to hire a pro or DIY?

With some minor pool repairs, you can likely do-it-yourself — but others are best left to the pros. When you DIY your pool repair, you can often save money because the labor is free. You can also get to work right away instead of having to wait for a busy pro to become available. 

On the other hand, if you DIY your repairs and aren’t properly trained, you run the risk of doing it wrong. Not only would you eventually need to hire a pro to fix your mistake, but it could put you and others who use the pool at risk. 

If you don’t want to call a pool repair company and would rather DIY the project, here are some scenarios where you may be able to handle the work.

Swimming pool repairs you can DIY:

  • Replacing a filter
  • Switching out your skimmer box
  • Replacing and installing a pool cover
  • Making minor repairs to the seal plate
  • Fixing a small pool crack
  • Choosing and installing new filters for a saltwater pool conversion
  • Applying algaecide to help keep the water clear
  • Performing a basic test of the alkalinity of the pool
  • Checking pH levels
  • Repositioning backfill after a pool has been put in place

There are some situations where it’s necessary to hire a pro — for the sake of not just safety, but also of saving time and frustration. Here are some situations in which you should seek a professional swimming pool service.

Swimming pool repairs that require a pro:

  • Replacing a motor shaft
  • Re-threading a threaded shaft in the pump
  • Replacing a motor frame or installing a new motor (whether it’s a spa pump motor, single-speed or variable speed motor) 
  • Anything else in connection with pool pump motor replacement. A pro should also help you choose between spa pump, single-speed and variable speed motors.
  • Fixing the plumbing system, including pressure testing, checking for pressure-side issues, return lines or replacing a drain. 
  • Major fiberglass pool repairs
  • Re-plastering a pool
  • Identifying and fixing leaking problems
  • Installing a new pool liner
  • Repairing pool walls
  • Handling anything related to electrical work, including a faulty ground wire, dealing with lighting work and diagnosing malfunctioning pumps.
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Pool maintenance tips to prevent future repairs

Keeping your above-ground or inground pool well-maintained can help you save money on future repairs and replacements. Use these tips to keep your pool functioning and money in your pocket.

For an above-ground pool:

  • Run the swimming pool filter daily.
  • Check the water levels.
  • Empty the pump baskets and skimmer regularly.
  • Check the chlorine level and pH levels regularly.
  • Clean your pool on a weekly or monthly basis.

For an inground pool:

  • Clean the swimming pool at least once a week.
  • Check the chlorine and pH levels two or more times a week.
  • Clean the pool’s walls at the waterline.
  • Use chemicals to give the pool a shock treatment once a week.
  • Regularly check the plumbing system for leaking or malfunctioning parts.
  • Maintain the area around the edge of the pool and the deck.

Regardless if you have a fiberglass, vinyl or above-ground pool, it’s a good idea to winterize it when it gets too cold to swim. This protects your pool from the harsh elements. If you don’t winterize your pool, you risk freezing and damaging your pipes, filters, heater and more.

Often, investing in professional pool and spa cleaning is worth the money. Many pros who specialize in maintenance offer free estimates, and they can help you diagnose a problem.

How to choose a swimming pool repair pro

When it comes time to hire a pro, it’s important to get as much knowledge as you can about your problems ahead of time and then do your research. To hire a pro, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the problems you may have, taking careful note of anything that raises any flags — even if the issues are relatively minor. The pro may be able to handle several problems at once.
  2. Search for pros online. Pull up a list of pool repair pros near you, view their profiles and read their customer reviews carefully.
  3. Check their qualifications. Be sure each pro you're interested in is qualified to handle your specific issues. Check their credentials and licenses.
  4. Look at their ratings. Vet your list of pros by choosing ones who have been rated highly by several satisfied customers.
  5. Ask questions. Reach out to your pros, and ask specific questions about their experience with dealing with your issues.
  6. Request free estimates. To help ensure you pay a fair price, always aim to get quotes from at least three or five pros in your area.
  7. Get everything in writing, and agree on a price.

For more tips on how to hire a pro safely, you can visit Thumbtack’s safety page.

Find a swimming pool repair pro near you

Although repairing a swimming pool is often complex, it’s not hard to find a good company or pro. Just make sure whoever you hire has the proper certifications, experience and several good reviews.

Start your search on Thumbtack to find a pool repair company near you.

Swimming pool repair FAQs

These are some of the most common questions homeowners ask about swimming pool repairs:

Are pool leaks covered by homeowners insurance?

Pool leaks may be covered by your homeowners insurance if the leaks happen because of a covered event.

Can I install a new pool liner over the old one?

It’s a bad idea to install a new pool liner over an old one. Issues with the old liner can compromise the new one.

Can you fix a pool that has popped up?

Yes, a popped pool can be fixed, but it requires the expertise of a professional. With some minor pops, a certified pro may be able to re-level the pool.

How long do pool pump motors last?

With the proper maintenance, pool pump motors last between six and 12 years.

When should I replace my pool pump motor?

You should replace your pool pump motor at least every 10 to 12 years.

How long does it take to replace an above-ground pool liner?

If you buy a replacement pool liner, it typically takes three to five business days for the liner to be made and then several days to install it.

How often do pool liners need to be replaced?

Vinyl pool liners should be replaced at least every 10 to 15 years.

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