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How much does swimming pool repair cost?

Above ground, in ground, indoors, outdoors—every pool needs repairs now and then. Pool repair professionals help with all kinds of pools, including chlorinated or saltwater, concrete, fiberglass, plaster, vinyl or tile. Problems can be long-running or new emergencies. Pool owners frequently need help with leaks, cracks, flaking surface tiles, loose tiles, nonfunctional pumps, nonfunctional heaters, filter replacements and damage to a vinyl lining. Several factors affect the cost of pool repair.

Hourly rates

Many pool repair professionals charge hourly rates for their labor. Rates usually vary based on the company, geographic location, experience, training and regional competition. For example, Texan Standard in Dallas, Texas, charges $85 per hour for pool repair labor.

Flat rates

Some pros charge flat rates for certain standard repairs—usually when they know, more or less, the amount of labor, parts and expertise required to complete the job. For example, Texan Standard charges a $170 flat labor rate to replace a motor. Parts for this job cost extra.

Repairing and replacing parts

Repair service costs depend on the type of pool system as well as the specific repair needed. Below are pricing examples for common pool repairs including replacement parts from Texan Standard. Keep in mind that each job is different, so prices vary depending on each unique situation:

  • Capacitor: $110–$120

    • A faulty capacitor is one of the main causes of a nonfunctional pump.
  • Motor: $450+

    • The price can increase greatly, depending on the make and model of the motor.
  • Pool or spa light socket assembly: $450

    • Texan Standard doesn’t replace bulbs because generally the entire light socket is faulty.

Pool heaters

A common call for help is with pool heaters. It’s a good idea to work with an experienced pro who is competent with electrical work for this type of repair. Reputable, established companies can often rebuild damaged heaters or pull parts and repair broken ones, which can save customers the expense of buying a new heater. Here are some examples of heater repair costs from Texan Standard:

  • Repair a heater: $400–$1,000, depending on the availability and cost of parts

  • Install refurbished heater: $2,000

    • This job entails removing the old heater, replumbing and rewiring the new heater, and adding a sediment trap on the gas line to bring the house up to code if necessary. Texan Standard rebuilds formerly used heaters and provides a warranty.
  • Install a new heater: $3,000+

    • This job entails removing the old heater, replumbing and rewiring the new heater, and adding a sediment trap on the gas line to bring the house up to code if necessary.

Surface repairs

Costs for repairing leaks or cracks in a pool’s surface material vary widely, depending on the grade of material being used, how extensive the damage or repair is, and the hourly rates of the pool pro. Here are pricing examples for surface repairs, including parts and labor, from Texan Standard:

  • Remove and replace all the tile in a 100-foot pool: $2,000–$2,500

    • Prices increase if higher-grade tile is used.
  • Remove and replace standard-grade plaster: $3,500–$4,000

  • Remove and replace high-grade plaster: $7,000–$9,000

    • Higher-grade plaster has a much longer shelf life and looks new longer.

Service fee

Some pool repair professionals charge a service fee for arriving at a customer’s location and diagnosing problems. That fee is usually deducted from the total cost of repairs if the pro does the recommended work. Other pros don’t charge a service fee.

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