How much does TV wall mounting cost?

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The average cost for a home theater specialist is $105. You are likely to spend between $70 and $160 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Flat-screen TVs of any size can be mounted onto a range of surfaces including stone, plaster, brick, wood, drywall and concrete. Several factors affect the cost of professional TV-mounting services.

Hourly and flat rates

Handymen are more likely to offer hourly rates for the service, while TV-mounting companies typically have set fees based on the type of mount and the complexity of the wiring. Here are some examples of hourly versus set rates:

  • Handyman business Creative Magnificence charges $70–$90 for the first hour, then $9–$11 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

  • Handyman business 123 Assembly charges $75 per hour or an agreed-upon flat rate for services.

  • Handyman Jared Cohee charges $109 per hour.

  • Josh’s TV Mounting charges a flat rate of $80–$150, depending on the specifics of the job.

Standard wall mount

In many cases, a standard wall mount service means that the client provides the mounting apparatus, and the professional just does the labor of attaching the TV to the wall. Prices generally go up if the pro installs the A/V wires and connects the TV. Here’s how San Diego TV Installation handles pricing:

  • Basic mount with the A/V wires showing (not installed behind the wall): $50

  • Basic mount with A/V wires installed in the wall: $69

Tilting or articulating bracket

Tilting and articulating brackets allow for movement of the TV screen after it has been mounted to the wall. These brackets require additional time, effort and occasionally materials to install and can therefore increase the cost. San Diego TV Installation charges the following for different types of brackets:

  • Tilting bracket and mounting service package: $70

  • Articulating bracket and mounting service package: $110

Size of TV

The size of the TV can affect the overall cost of mounting, although many companies charge an hourly or flat rate per TV as opposed to basing their fees on TV size.

Wall type

Brick, concrete and stone all present more labor—especially if the client wants in-wall A/V cord installation. In general, harder wall surfaces cost more for TV mounting services than a softer surface such as drywall.

Home theater

People with home theaters or extensive media components who need their A/V cords reattached and all the components wired together may pay a higher fee. These kinds of jobs may require a more technically skilled A/V expert.

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We hired Roger Martin to mount 2 HD TVs for us, one over the fireplace in the Family Room, and one in the Master Bedroom. This was our first experience getting TVs mounted on walls, so we depended on Roger's experience to guide us with the materials to be used for a quality and cost effective installation. We were very pleased with Roger's knowledge, professionalism, workmanship and cost. And he was able to get to our job the next day and completed the work on both TVs that same day. We have no complaints, and recommend him to anyone looking for the services he offers.

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Adam was right on time. He was courteous efficient & knowledgeable. He mounted my 38" flat screen TV in less than 1/2 hour. With the mount & a $10 charge for gas, the cost was $90, about 1/3 the cost quoted by BestBuy. I would definitely recommend him.