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Upholstery cleaning professionals can clean love seats, curtains, sofas, sectionals, chairs, mattresses and bedding. Cotton, linen, wool, suede and microfiber are common fabric types that may benefit from professional cleaning. Cleaning services may be routine or be one-time treatments for pet, food and drink, or oil and grease stains. Upholstery can also be cleaned to help relieve the scent of tobacco smoke. Several factors affect the cost of upholstery cleaning services.

Size and components

The main factor in the cost of upholstery cleaning is size. A larger piece of upholstered furniture requires more work and cleaning product and will therefore typically cost more than a smaller piece. Another factor in cost is the number of components to be cleaned. A couch that is five feet long may cost more to clean than a couch that is six feet long if it has a larger number of cushions. Here are some examples of average cleaning costs from two upholstery companies:

Ardent Carpet Restore in Sacramento, California (pretreatment, cleaning, neutralizing rinse, removal and cleaning of all cushions and crevices):

  • Lounge chair: $55

  • Loveseat: $95

  • 7-foot-long couch: $135

  • 10-foot, L-shaped sectional: $190

Gravity NW Mobile Furniture Services in Portland, Oregon:

  • Chair: $40

  • Loveseat: $60

  • Sofa: $80


Geographic region affects the overall cost for upholstery cleaning services. Cities and areas with a higher cost of living generally have higher rates than those areas with lower costs of living.


Certain types of material may cost more than others to clean. For example, delicate fabrics, antique furniture and some types of leather or suede may require more labor to clean along with special solvents—both of which translate to a higher price for the customer.


Upholstery cleaners may also offer upholstery and repair services in addition to cleaning. The overall cost will increase if a customer requests any repair work. Repair work could include mending tears in fabric, patching leather and more. Pricing for repairs may be by the job or may be by the hour. Quotes usually include the cost of materials, but customers will pay an additional fee if a special fabric order needs to be made for the repair. Gravity NW Mobile Furniture Services charges $1.34 per minute, with a 15-minute minimum for wood, leather and fabric repairs. Most materials are included in this price, unless the job requires a special order from the manufacturer—in which case, the company provides materials at the wholesale cost to the customer.

Excessive staining

Upholstered furniture that has heavy stains from pet urine, grease, oil, bleach or other substances may cost more to clean. According to Ardent Carpet Restore, difficult stains take additional time, product and expertise to remove. Quotes for heavy stain removal are based on these factors as well as the size of the stain.

Pro tip:

  • You can have your existing furniture cleaned and repaired for much less than the cost of buying new furniture.
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