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It pays to hire a professional videographer to create the best video possible for your business. A lot of time, equipment and labor goes into producing a top-notch video. Before hiring a production company, take a close look at the firm’s portfolio and decide if its standards are up to yours. Most videographers will custom-price a video production based on your particular requirements, but many also offer packages that can apply to most businesses’ needs. Know what you want to produce and explain it as well as you can to the videographer. Do keep in mind that the videographer might also have some great ideas that you never thought of! Just make sure they fit your budget.


Many commercial videographers don’t offer a standard pricing menu. Instead, they consult with clients and then quote a price based on the requirements, time and labor necessary to complete the video to the customer’s satisfaction.


Some commercial videographers offer standard packages to keep things simple for clients who may not want a custom production. For example, Lorray Digital Media of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, offers three standard packages:

  • Up to one minute of finished video run time and up to two hours of video shooting: $499

  • Up to two minutes of finished video and up to five hours of video shooting: $599

  • Up to four minutes of finished video and up to eight hours of video shooting: $699

All of these packages include full editing services, basic motion graphics, concept video treatment and script, professional voiceover, on-location up to 100 miles or in-studio shoot, royalty-free soundtrack and video formatting to prepare for upload.

ISDesigns Studio of Berkeley, California, bills pre- and post-production, as well as graphics work and other production time, at $50 an hour. The company charges a starting base rate of $250 for jobs with one camera, one shooter, existing light and no set dressing. The company offers four-hour packages at $300 and eight-hour packages at $500 for mobile on-location or in-studio productions, including one shooter, two HD cameras, a basic mic and sound setup, a lighting kit with backdrop and green screen setups. Additional time is billed at the hourly rate.

Know the services

Pricing for commercial videography covers a number of services. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting. For example, package pricing for American Media Professionals of West Palm Beach, Florida, includes on-location time for the shoot, music rights, professional voiceover, editing and uploading to YouTube.


Some video production companies set their prices based on the run time of the final video. Others charge an hourly rate for the time it takes for all aspects of a production, including preparation, shooting and editing the video.


If the shoot location is beyond a certain radius, the videographer might include a travel fee.

Cost-saving strategies

Time is money: Train your on-screen talent in advance so you don’t waste time with the videographer. If you can upload the video yourself, don’t pay to have it done for you.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.