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Event videography is available for birthdays, graduations, office parties, corporate events, sports, conferences, trainings and more. An event may be indoors or outdoors, and clients usually can request raw footage of an entire event, a full feature video (usually 30–40 minutes) or a highlight reel (often 3–4 minutes). Commonly requested additional services include DVD copies, music overlay, photos from the video shoot and immediate day-of editing to share during the actual event. Multiple factors affect the cost of event videography.

Event length

The length of time a videographer is required to be at an event affects the cost of services. The longer the event, the higher the fee. In addition, the more raw video footage the videographer records and has to edit, the higher the fee. More material means more post-production work—and more time overall.

Hourly rate

Some videographers charge by the hour for their services. Time on the clock might include consulting with clients about goals, setup and filming at the event, post-production work such as editing, music overlay, and more. Some videographers charge a standard hourly rate for all of their services, while others have different hourly rates for different services, depending on the level of expertise required. If rates vary for different tasks, those details should be clearly outlined in the contract. Lee Editorial in North Richland Hills, Texas, charges a set $50 hourly rate for basic producing, shooting and editing.

Complexity of project

Larger events and a more elaborate vision could require multiple cameras and multiple crew members on site. The more equipment needed (lighting, green screen, other filming equipment or props) and the more staff on the job, the higher the overall fee will be. For larger projects, some pros offer a set rate once they determine the client’s needs and end goals. The set rate would cover the projected number of hours on the project overall including preproduction work, filming and postproduction work.


Some videographers have set rates for covering common events, such as sports games or kids’ birthday parties. With experience, videographers can more confidently bid these kinds of projects because the number of filming and editing hours tends to be the same time after time. Here are some examples of package pricing:

  • Intro sports package from My Memory Portfolio in Sparta, New Jersey: $319

    • Includes filming the event, travel to the game up to 50 miles round trip, flash drive containing the completed video and links to photo stills from the video
  • Sweet 16 birthday party from DP Lunn Studios Event Videography in Nashville, Tennessee: $399

    • Includes up to three hours of filming on-site, a custom theme to match the birthday party theme, musical overlay and music video-style highlights, up to 25 pre-selected photos edited into the video, three copies of the final DVDs in a customized case


Travel is a necessary part of event photography, so most professionals have a service range within which there is no travel fee. Travel outside of that service range may incur additional charges. My Memory Portfolio charges an additional 55 cents per mile beyond outside of the 50-mile round trip service range.


Videographers typically charge more to cover holidays, such as Christmas, than a standard weekend or weekday event. Holidays are a special time for everyone, including video professionals, so their time comes at premium price. Also, because most holidays come only once a year, competition for video services is higher, which drives prices higher than for events on regular days.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.