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Limousine rental services provide transportation in luxury or high-capacity vehicles for weddings and special events. Services can include transporting a couple to and from the ceremony and reception site as well as providing transportation for members of the wedding party and other friends, relatives and VIP guests. Limo rental services typically charge by the hour or per trip, and wedding-day services can cost between $125 and $460, or higher with any additional services. Hourly costs start accruing from the time the limo driver leaves its home garage to the time it returns.


It’s common for limo services to charge a minimum number of hours. For weddings, many companies offer packages that include a certain number of hours with the vehicle and driver at customers’ disposal plus a variety of extras, such as champagne and beverage service, special decorations on the limo, red carpet rollout and so on. It’s also common for limo services to offer party bus packages or shuttle service for wedding guests. European Class Limousine in Minooka, Illinois, charges $45 per trip and $39 per hour. Rates are determined by the type of vehicle, how many hours it’s needed and so on. Rather than having set prices, the company prefers to work with each customer individually to create a custom rental package.

Vehicle type

Specialty vehicles, such as stretch SUVs and Hummers, restored luxury cars, and specially equipped party buses or shuttles, usually cost more per rental hour. Packages for these types of vehicles also tend to be higher than for a standard limousine or luxury sedan. Generally, the larger the vehicle, the more it costs per hour to rent. Optimum Limousine charges $90 per hour on Saturdays for a 10-passenger Lincoln Town Car stretch and $115 per hour for 10-passenger Chrysler 300 stretch limo. The company’s smaller vehicles cost $60-$85 per hour for Saturday rentals. WSI Limousine charges $125 an hour for a 10-passenger limo and $200 an hour for a 20-passenger limo.

Luxury vehicles

Services that specialize in weddings may also have in their fleet a restored classic car such as a Rolls Royce or Bentley or a late-model luxury vehicle. Couples can choose these for making a grand entrance and for photo opportunities. Classic Coach Limousine, which has been in business for 30 years, offers a restored Rolls Royce for weddings and other special occasions. A luxury vehicle option typically costs more.

Travel distance

Many limo services cover a specific geographic area. If a wedding is outside that area, customers will pay a surcharge.

Package options

Special services such as champagne and beverage service or red carpet rollout cost extra. Wedding limo rental packages from A1 Roma Limousine include champagne in the limo, red carpet rollout and "just married" swag on the outside of the car. Wedding package prices for an 11-passenger stretch limo are as follows:

  • $399 for 3 hours

  • $450 for 4 hours

  • $525 for 5 hours

  • $100 an hour after 5 hours

Additional fees

Some services charge customers for road and bridge tolls, additional or unscheduled stops, wait time, parking, driver gratuity, cleaning and applicable taxes. Be sure you understand what is included in a quoted price and what is not.

License, insurance, inspections

All limousine drivers are required to have a valid driver license for that class of vehicle. Many states require services to have valid business licenses and that all vehicles in their fleet pass safety and maintenance inspections. It’s a good idea to check with any prospective limo service company to make sure its licenses, inspections and insurance are up to date.

Cost-saving strategies

The best way to get your money’s worth with wedding limo rental is to talk to the service provider directly to negotiate package details and the overall price. Many services are willing to negotiate and meet or beat competitors’ prices.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.