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How much does wedding videography cost?

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The average cost for a wedding videographer is $875. You are likely to spend between $545 and $1,395 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Wedding videographers record and edit together various elements of a wedding to create a professionally produced wedding video. The engagement party, day-of preparation, ceremony and reception are commonly included in the footage. Multiple videographers may contribute, depending on the wedding size and desired outcome. Many factors affect the cost.


The longer the videographer is required to work at the wedding, the higher the overall cost. In addition, longer recording time at a wedding means more hours spent in the studio reviewing and editing all of the footage. This increased time affects the overall cost.

Number of videographers

Large weddings or weddings with a variety of components may require more than one videographer to capture multiple angles and elements. The production company will have to pay each videographer for his or her time, so the more cameras requested, the higher the cost to the client.


Many videographers sell their services in packages with tiered pricing, which allows the client to select hoped-for final products and the level of coverage desired. For example, videographer Gary Magill has two wedding day packages he provides:

  • Package 1: $1,400

    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple

    • Two cameras with audio equipment

    • DVD including a 3- or 4-minute edit to a song of the couple’s choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw edit covering the entire event

    • Recordings of well wishes to the couple
  • Package 2: $1,800

    • Two videographers

    • Aerial videography

    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple

    • Two cameras with audio equipment

    • DVD including a 3- to 4-minute edit to a song of the couple’s choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw edit covering the entire event

    • Recordings of well wishes to the couple


Higher-end video, sound and aerial videography equipment will mean a higher overall price because the costs of purchasing and maintaining the equipment are generally reflected in the cost of services to the client.

Add-on services

Special effects, highlight reels, raw footage and additional DVDs can all be added on to a standard video package. Each special feature requested adds an additional cost, although some features cost less per item when purchased as a bundled package. For example, here’s how Illusion Media Works breaks down pricing for individual services and add-on services:

  • Ceremony-only video: $550 = edited footage solely of the ceremony

  • Photo insertion: + $350 = edit photos from the entire day into the video footage

  • Extra DVD copies: $35 = per DVD

  • Honeymoon photo add-on: + $350 = honeymoon photos provided by couple inserted into final wedding video edit

  • Raw footage: $150 = provide all the unedited coverage taken

  • Cinematic look: + $250 = add a movie-type effect to the wedding video

  • Photo montage: $750 = create a montage to show on the wedding day using the couple’s baby pics, dating pics, etc.

    • + $500 = screen rental

Reputation and location

Areas with a higher cost of living typically see higher costs for wedding videography services. In addition, highly requested videographers or those with celebrity credits often have higher fees.

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Recent reviews

Castorena Videography Productions

Julian filmed my wedding this summer, and he was such a pleasure to work with! He is super kind, professional, and punctual. There was always an open line of communication with him and he was accommodating to my wishes, as well as inputting his professional advice. And oh my gosh, the videos. There is the full length video of the ceremony and reception that is excellent, and also the highlight video. The editing, camera angles, music, effects were all impressive! The highlight video is absolutely perfect to share and look back on easily. I shared a link with all my family, and every time we watch the "waterworks" come just as if we were back in the day of. He captured everything so well, and I'd definitely recommend him to others for weddings. Absolutely a great investment and at a relatively low cost!!

A Touch of Soul Productions

A Touch of Soul is seriously top notch! My husband (then fiancé) were searching for high quality videography for our wedding that didn’t cost an absolute fortune. I was really starting to feel like it wasn’t possible to find a videographer that was able to provide aesthetically pleasing video without spending several thousand dollars and was getting pretty hopeless. And we had practically given up on finding a photo booth, since it just didn’t seem to fit in our budget. A friend suggested I search on Thumbtack for a videographer, and I feel SO LUCKY to have found Ralph Corpuz of ATOS on there. He was not only able to provide us with two amazing videographers for our wedding day, who made us a short preview video and full wedding video (within our budget!) but ALSO was able to offer us an amazing photo booth as well at an exceptional price. We totally hit the jackpot with them. I even referred ATOS to a friend who was also having trouble finding a videographer and photo booth affordably and she booked with them too! From the get-go, Ralph was wonderful to work with – very responsive, clear, and cordial. We had a video chat to “meet” each other and work out the details of our contract. Ralph was fantastic about explaining our options and really working with us to create the most efficient, budget-friendly package possible. We literally couldn’t believe the deal we got from them, especially considering how great their work is (just check out their videos on their site!). Ralph continued checking in with me in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, keeping us informed of any necessary info and updates. Ahead of the wedding, Anthony Ga who runs the photo booth portion of ATOS reached out to me about designing our photo booth printout background. He was great about making our vision a reality after going back and forth for a few revisions. We were really happy with the final product – I think my only suggestion for improvement in this area would be more options for fonts. Anyway, it turned out great and on the day of our event Anthony worked seamlessly and the booth was a total hit. I only wish we had had it longer! In addition to the day-of instant prints, Anthony got the pictures posted online for us really quickly and everyone loved getting to relive those fun moments. We also worked with Cory and one other videographer (forgive me I’ve forgotten his name!) for the filming portion of the day. Cory was fantastic to work with – really easy-going, but also professional and made sure to get all the important shots. I didn’t spend quite as much time with Cory as my hubby did, but hubs was totally raving about how great Cory was. We received our highlight video last week and were absolutely BLOWN AWAY! What an amazing memory encapsulated in even just a few short minutes. Ralph even let us select our own songs to use for it which was really neat and made it even more impactful for us. It was so cool to get to share that little snippet with all our friends since our wedding was somewhat small we didn’t get to invite all our old friends, so this was a neat little peek into it for them. I still get teary when I watch it (for the hundredth time now haha). We are so excited to get our full video in the mail soon.

Justice Films & Studio

Eric was an amazing find. I was on the fence about getting a videographer mainly because of the high cost. Eric was a third of the price of most other videographers I contacted and provided more service than any of their golden packages. He was phenomenal! I can't say enough about how great he was to work with. He made us feel at ease in front of the camera, he gave great direction and I just saw my highlight reel (only a couple of days after the wedding!) and it is the more beautiful than I could ever imagine. His talent is out of this world! People have asked me if he travels to do videography, that is just how good he is. You will not go wrong by hiring Eric as your videographer. One of the best decisions I ever made!! Thanks Eric!