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Window washing is available for a variety of window types and situations. Common requests include exterior window washing, interior window washing, window screen cleaning, window track cleaning and cleaning of blinds or shutters. Window pros can wash all types of windows, including those with and without grids, sliding glass doors, jalousie or louvered windows, skylights, and storefront windows. Window washing is available for private homes, multiunit buildings, commercial spaces, businesses and offices, including windows on upper floors.

Flat rate

Some window washing companies charge flat prices per window, regardless of the type or location. An average cost can account for variations in the time, effort and risk involved in cleaning each individual window. Most per-window costs include cleaning the inside and outside of the window. Here are three pricing examples:

Construction rate

Window washing companies may charge more for cleaning windows post-construction or after a remodel because the extra dust and dirt creates more labor for them. For example, Wasatch View Window Cleaning charges $5 per window after construction ($2 for inside the window and $3 for outside). This price reflects a $1 increase per window over their standard rate.

Type of window

There are many types of windows, all with unique washing needs. Some, such as double hung windows with two sashes, require more expertise and effort. That’s why some companies break out pricing by type of window, with larger windows costing more and smaller windows costing less. Companies that charge flat rates may vary them to account for the increased labor that some windows require. Here’s Wasatch View Window Cleaning’s pricing for more labor-intensive windows:

  • Double hung, which is equal to two windows: $8 per window

  • Multi-pane: $4 per pane—so, a five-pane window would cost $20

Wasatch View Window Cleaning will sometimes reduce fees for multipaned windows on larger jobs. For example, a 12-pane window might cost $24, meaning they only charge for half the panes in the total window frame.

Multiple windows

Many window washing companies charge reduced rates for washing more windows because they can streamline their labor costs by already being on location. For example, the average Salt Lake City home is 2,200 square feet. The average cost for Wasatch View Window Cleaning to wash all the windows in a home that size might cost approximately $220. Eagles Windows Cleaning offers a promotion of $90–$100 for 25 windows (only the outside) at one location on the same visit.

Extra services

Removing screens and wiping them down is typically common practice for window washers, but confirm that this task is included when contracting a service. Additional costs can be accrued from removing hard water stains or deep cleaning the window tracks, which Wasatch View Window Cleaning does for $1 per window.


Hilly or uneven terrain that makes accessing windows difficult may result in a higher overall cost because of safety concerns. However, none of the professionals featured in this article have cost variance for accessibility issues.

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