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How much does window tinting cost?

Window tinting is not just for cars. Residential window tinting reduces electric bills, decreases glare in the home, provides privacy, prevents furniture and artwork from fading, and moderates temperatures throughout the house. Professionals can tint just a few windows (such as those in a bedroom that shine morning light in the eyes), all the windows on the sunny side of a house or all the windows in a house.

Window tinting is typically a one-day installation project with an affordable price tag. Galen Mabe of Galen’s Tinting in Louisville, Kentucky, says that as a result of tinting, windows can reject up to 80 percent of unwanted heat. Tints can be light, medium or dark, depending on the property owner’s heat reduction and privacy goals.

Window tinting is safe for double pane glass. Professionally installed window tinting doesn’t damage or break windows. Customers should include photos of the windows they want tinted when requesting a bid to help the contractor create a more accurate estimate. Several factors affect the cost of residential window tinting.

Square footage

"It boils down to square footage," says Mabe at Galen’s Tinting. “We measure the length and width of the windows and figure out how many square feet need tinting.” Costs per square foot can vary, depending on how large or small the project is. “We can offer a lower cost per square foot when we have a larger-scale installation—especially when it’s on large pane glass windows. Smaller, French pane-style windows take more time.” Below is a cost comparison between two projects from Galen’s Tinting. One featured smaller windows than the other.

  • Residential customers: $6–$8 per square foot for materials and installation.

  • Commercial customers: $5–$7 per square foot for materials and installation.

110–square–foot, medium-sized project: $750

  • ~ $6.81 per square foot

  • Customer received a $150 rebate from local electric company

  • Semi-glossy tint

  • 65 percent heat rejection on the east-facing side of the house

  • 11 windows total tinted

  • Installation took four to six hours and two workers

  • Customer sought privacy, heat reduction, and glare and fade prevention.

200-square-foot, large project: $1,000

  • $5 per square foot

  • Reflective silver tint for privacy

  • 80 percent heat rejection on southwest side of building

  • 10 large panes of glass

  • Installation took four to six hours and two workers

  • Customer sought privacy, heat reduction, and glare reduction for screens.


Warranty varies from different professionals. A typical warranty lasts 90 days.

Tint types

  • Ceramic Window Tinting

  • Carbon Window Tinting

  • Metalized Window Tinting

  • Dyed Window Tinting

The heat-rejecting quality of most window tinting films is derived from metals. Mabe of Galen’s Tinting says that metalized films such as those made from aluminum or nickel help keep glass cool while deflecting heat. Within this class of films, there isn’t much price variance, he says. The choice instead is how dark or light to tint the window. Mabe’s customers’ most common requests include glare reduction, light softening, fade prevention, privacy and heat blocking. For some, it’s also a question of aesthetics, says Mabe at Galen’s Tinting. Some customers want a charcoal look rather than an earth tone or. a sky blue. "Whenever you go lighter, you lose a little performance," Mabe says. “Dark and shiny tint has good performance, because you knock out most of the glare and most of the heat. That said, if customers want light, there are upper-level, lighter products that outperform standard lighter products.” These higher-end products cost up to $15 per square foot installed. Different types of metal are used in these higher-end tints, including silver and gold, and the process and technology used in manufacturing are also higher end.

Minimum fee

Most professional installers will tint any size of window, but for smaller projects, such as one window or one door, they may charge a minimum service fee to cover their travel time, equipment and labor. Galen’s Tinting charges a minimum fee of $100.

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