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Pittsburgh Spa Parties is a unique concept that combines 2 ideas together -- treating yourself to a relaxing and enjoyable experience and spending time with friends. What could be better than getting pampered silly and having some "friend time"? Now, having a Pittsburgh Spa Party makes luxury service affordable for everyone! With Pittsburgh Spa Parties, you can do both! Just invite your friends, and your entire party will be treated to an affordable yet luxurious spa experience, leaving you all floating on air! Simply select your package and delight in our "celebrity service"! Do not let other party-plan imitations fool you; Pittsburgh Spa Parties are one-of-a-kind. They'll call it a "spa party", but in truth, it is merely a product demo. With a Pittsburgh Spa party, there's no selling, nothing to buy -- ever. This day is all about indulging, and we do it all for you! Trained professionals provide all of your services. We do not use interns or students, a dirty little secret of some spas, salons, and even chiropractors' offices. Parties can be booked in the evening, afternoon, or morning; it is your choice! They can be scheduled at work, home, or any place where you have reserved space. Only a minimum of 6 guests are required, but you can receive special incentives and bonuses by having more guests. By hosting a Pittsburgh Spa party, you can also grab the opportunity of our numerous money-saving offers and have your services largely reduced or even free! You also get to be the hero-for-the-day by being the one who introduced such a fantastic experience to your friends. They'll be grateful over and over again! To book a party, simply think of a date or two, and then contact us to schedule. We will be glad to accommodate you and make a special day of luxury that's just for you. Children's spa birthday parties are now available!


Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
    Check to make sure that you are truly receiving Spa services, not just being sold lotions or creams to put on each other at your party. I am amazed at the companies that advertise "spa parties" only to have a sales person standing up in front of the guests and having you put creams on EACH OTHER! You are not even being treated to real services! In my opinion, they should not be able to advertise like that. Second, at my parties, you are only seeing PROFESSIONALS, not students, or interns, or even totally untrained people (which I have seen this). Third, we are not selling you a SINGLE THING, except the spa service you already paid for. Your guests can leave their money at home [except for tips, which are always appreciated :) ] knowing that we are not hawking lotions, or oils, or candles, or anything! And finally, I am always available and REACHABLE. Knowing you booked your party with me, I will keep in touch with you and make sure that you are satisfied with your services. Your happiness IS my reputation!
Coverage Area for Pittsburgh Spa Parties is about 50+ miles of Pittsburgh, PA.