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Your Safety

Thumbtack reviews each service created on Thumbtack based on the information given by the professional or business. However, we do not have a full interview process or perform extensive screening for each professional. Please use your best judgement, confirm any licenses or background checks personally, and exercise caution when hiring professionals.

What type of services are allowed on Thumbtack?

When professionals or businesses create services on Thumbtack, our team reviews the types of services offered and declines any that violate any of the guidelines below. We reserve the right to remove any service, business, or professional who, in Thumbtack’s opinion, interferes or reduces the quality of the experience to either another professional or a customer, or compromises the infrastructure of Thumbtack’s site.

No unsupported services

Thumbtack allows services in Home, Events, Lessons, Wellness, and More. Services that do not fall into any of these categories are not allowed on Thumbtack.

No products

Thumbtack only allows businesses to provide services, not products, to customers through Thumbtack. We welcome businesses whose services may come with products (e.g. party rentals including set up and take down), but a business would not be a good fit if it only provides products (e.g. cell phones, furniture, etc).

No suspicious offers

Thumbtack does not allow suspicious businesses where the professional isn’t using their real name or offering a service that sounds too good to be true (e.g. a get– rich–quick scheme).

No third party services

Thumbtack only allows businesses that work directly with customers. Third–party services such as referral services, directory listings, or multi-level marketing systems are not allowed.

No lending services

Thumbtack does not allow lending services such as debt consolidation, foreclosure assistance, refinancing, or credit repair.

Nothing sexual

Thumbtack does not allow sexual services (e.g. prostitution, sexual massage).

No rental spaces

Thumbtack does not allow businesses to offer rental space services for office off-sites, parties, weddings or conventions. In the same vein, we do not allow hotels, B&B, or other lodging offers.

No event listings

Thumbtack allows event planning or catering services. We do not allow businesses to promote attendance at events (e.g. a New Year’s Eve party or a professional convention).

No bartering

Thumbtack only allows businesses that accept payment in dollars only. Other forms of payment and currency are not acceptable.

No minors

Thumbtack does not allow individuals under the age of 18 to offer services through Thumbtack.

No services based outside of the U.S.

Thumbtack does not allow services provided outside of the United States. At the time of service and payment, the professional must be based and the service must be provided in the United States.

Only English profiles

Thumbtack requires businesses to provide a complete description of their services in English. Words in other languages are acceptable so long as it is not critical to understanding what the business offers.

How do I choose whom to hire?

Once you've been introduced, we make it easy to get to know each professional. Here are some important elements to look for on a profile:

Know the professional's identity

Basic background check

Upon request from the professional, we work with Sterling to conduct a background check based on their full name, address, birth date, and social security number.

This is not a comprehensive check as it is only based on the current state of residence and does not search all states and all criminal records. While this background check can help surface warning signs, it is not a comprehensive look at the person's criminal history and often may miss previous offenses in other states or addresses whose records were not searched. The service may also have multiple individuals working for them so be sure to clarify whose information was used to conduct the background check.

National sex offender database check

We check the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Database based on the name and zip code provided by the professional in the profile at the time of sign up. We remove any profile where the name and zip code for the professional matches a name and zip code in the sex offender database.

Connection to social media accounts

Professionals can link their social media accounts to Thumbtack.

Verified contact information

We verify the phone number and email provided by the professional.

Evaluate the professional's expertise

Professional license

Review from past customers on or off Thumbtack

Reviews can be posted by past Thumbtack customers or other past customers.

Years in business

Professionals can enter their years in business.

Photos, videos, or audio of past work

We encourage our professionals to post photos of their past work so you can get a sense of their expertise and quality.

Use caution and your best judgment

Thumbtack works hard to review information provided by professionals on our site but we do not have a full interview process or perform extensive screening for each professional. We also do not screen each professional working with a business under one profile. We ask you to use your best judgement and exercise caution when hiring professionals. Be aware of professionals who severely undercut the competition on pricing, or who do not have required credentials.

Thumbtack does not insure against losses from work contracted through Thumbtack, mediate disputes between customers and professionals, or guarantee or vet the work of the professionals that do business through Thumbtack.