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You’re in control

Choose from up to five professionals who are interested in your project. Profiles, reviews, and custom messages help you make your decision.

Know what to look for

Our hiring tips offer smart practices for choosing a pro for your project.


Read reviews

Get an idea of the pro’s work quality and professionalism through customer reviews posted to their profile.


Look for photos or videos

Don’t see the work examples you’re looking for? Ask the pro to send what you need.


Check for credentials

If you don’t see the required credentials for your project listed on the pro’s profile, feel free to ask.


Be wary

Think twice when a pro severely undercuts the competition on pricing.


Need more information?

Thumbtack makes it easy to communicate with pros through direct messages or by phone.


Use your best judgement

Whether you’re hiring on Thumbtack or somewhere else.

We’re here to help

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