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I am honest. If your computer is going to cost near as much to fix, as it would to purchase a new computer or newer computer, I will tell my customer that they may be better off investing in a new machine. I am not just there to make money. I am really there to try to help them with their issue and to help them better understand the technology if they want to learn. I love meeting new people and making their life less frustrating. Even if it is just on a minor level like a small computer issue, it feels good to help others.


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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      You should always look for honesty. If you take a 9 year old computer into a computer repair shop or call and ask them about it and it has Windows 98 and you tell them that there is no propriatary hardware that you have to have it for and there is no important data on it and you ask them if it is worth fixing or how much it will cost to fix and they don't at least bring up the fact that you may want to consider getting a new machine or at least a newer usd machine, then they are just after your money. They are not being completely honest with you and they do not sincerely care about your needs. If an old computer with no importance is going to cost anywhere near what a better used machine will cost then the technician should recommend you to get a newer machine rather then fixing one that is so out of date. there have been many a times when I could have made a huge profit from fixing an old computer but instead after asking them a few questions i told them they would be better off getting a newer machine. I either sold a refurbished machine I had in stock or took them to Ebay and helped them find a computer that would fit their needs and stay in budget. i do this for free or on a refurbished machine for a small profit and it pays huge dividends. these people are so impressed with the honesty and concern that they become my biggest fans and spread my name to all of their friends and family. The best advertising you can get. The best feeling you can get too, knowing that you really helped someone and saved them money and headaches in the process.
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