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Houston Psychic, Pamela Rivette, is internationally known through out the internet as a 5 star psychic medium , master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, Indigo, Paranormal Investigator, ordained minister & life coach. Pamela Rivette, has now opened up her home for live psychic / tarot readings & life coaching./ Spiritual advice on relationship, marriage, & family counseling. She lives just 20 minutes from the famed Astro Dome, in Alvin Texas, right outside, of the Houston area. Pamela, has 42 years experience in the psychic paranormal realm & has up to a 98.9 % accuracy rate in timing and other details. So call her now!

I'm a master tarot card reader who is extremely detailed, and have amazed many with my detailed tarot readings. I can give you details with my tarot cards such as time frames, descriptions, birth signs, and hidden messages. I'm also the only known tarot reader on the net today who knows how to verify my tarot readings, and give you their exact % of accuracy of them coming to pass. A reading can be up to 98.9 % accurate, never 100% because of free will. If a psychic ever claims to be 100% accurate, turn and run the other direction. There is a high likelihood they are a fraud.

Purchase an hour or more session to gain entries into what ever holiday drawing Im doing at the time.

My goal is to guide you to a better way of life, find the answers that you seek, & help you find the unconditional love & happiness you deserve. To help you find peace over the death of family & loves, by connecting you to them allowing their messages to come through to you.

Here are some of my actual feedback left by my clients (which can be found in my site's guest book):

Marie Garza Wednesday, 2/19/14, 12:33 PM

Pamela is absolutely amazing, she connected with my mom & my dad for me which passed in a car wreck in 2012. She knew about the wreck, the color and type of vehichle and told me only things they would of known. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her!

From: Alvin Texas

Harmony Friday, 1/24/14, 9:43 PM

Thank you so much! Excellent reading, very intuitive picked up on everything right away with no information given, loved it adding to my favorite readers!

From: Pasadena Texas

BRENDA Wednesday, 1/15/14, 8:03 PM

I went Pamela it was a very good experience. I had the father of my kids that past away last year and my grandfather two years ago. She got me the closure I that I was waiting. She is sweet and caring I will always remember this experience in my life. I will recommend Pamela. Thank you so much.


Alvin, TX 77511

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7 Reviews
  • Anna R. May 12, 2016
    She is right about my move!
  • Jason P. Mar 26, 2015
    Psychic Reading
    Verified Review
    I had a great experience with Pamela. Very accurate and insightful reading. She has an amazing understanding of the motivations of the people around me without me giving her much information at all.
  • Yvonne E. Mar 22, 2015
    Psychic and New Age Services
    Verified Review
    She answered a lot that was on my mine. She brought something to my attention that I wasn't aware of which made me re evaluate somethings.
  • Marian A. Jan 25, 2015
    Psychic Reading
    Verified Review
    I was very pleased with the majority of the reading. I left feeling I had gained information I was looking for. Pamela was easy to be around, very clear on all her explanations. She gave me her undivided attention throughout my reading. I wanted information on my Mother and received it. Yes, I would recommend Pamela to friends.
  • Mandi S. Sep 12, 2014
    Been working worth Pamela for 2 years for love and family relationship guidance. She has never steered me wrong. As a matter of fact, I'm about to marry the man I love and have been vying for. She is also very prompt about getting back with me, doesn't sugar coat anything, and really cares about her clients.
  • Anna R. Aug 5, 2013
    One of the best and true psychics today! Excellent and accurate!
  • Bernard K. Jun 15, 2013
    Spoke to Pam on the phone first and gathered a great deal of information about her and her services. She was very forthcoming and so we set up an appointment to see her. She was inviting, down to earth, very intuitive. The sense you got was not only that Pam knew what she was doing, but that she honestly cared about you and helping. Great experience and will always go to Pam in the future.


What types of customers have you worked with?
psychic readings on Love, relationships, finances, career, family, Mediumship, paranormal Investigations. To help others find not only their true selves but to find happiness in their life. To help grieving families connect with their loved ones who have passed away. So they can get the answers they need so they can heal.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Be cautious of psychic frauds. Signs of Psychic Fraud Persons most susceptable to being defrauded are desperate housewives and desperate house husbands. I'm not talking about the television show on T.V. " Desperate Housewives" (starring " Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Eva Longoria." ) I 'm talking about desperate wives and husbands living through dire situations for real not some make believe television show. Please don't allow your desperation to find answers to your problems blind side you into being defrauded. Please read info Below. 1. If a psychic says somthing similiar to this: "Wow, there is so much negative energy around you/a curse on you! Only I can remove this for you for a fee of $_____." and "I see this terrible event arising, there is no way to stop it, unless you pay me $_____ to help you!" 2. If this is said or something similiar to: "Oh, no, dear. Please don't worry about breaking up your lover's marriage, devastating his wife, and ruining the lives of his children! As long as it's something you want then go for it! You deserve to be happy!" and "Yes, yes, all will come to be exactly as you desire! You'll see! I can promise you will unite with him through my help" (when such claims are not based on genuine Psychic impressions). . 3. If this or something similiar to is said: "I'm the only person you should speak to. What ever you do don't go to another psychic, or tell anyone about what I'm doing because it will intefere in our work and bad things could happen to you if it is interefered with." 4.If this is said or similiar to: "I'm 100% accurate & guarantee results" Only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it. Anyone making this claim should be avoided. 5. If a psychic asks: you for any monies over and above the normal fee for services rendered. 6. If any psychic makes a claim: to being capable of stopping divorce, bringing a lover back to you, breaking up a relationship, or anything that appears to be fishy. Then guess what? They are a FRAUD. Have you experienced a possible case of psychic fraud by any psychic Please contact Pamela Rivette by clicking here. With Tittle Psychic Fraud and name of Psychic in subject area of e-mail. Thank You for your cooperation in helping us keep you and all of our beloved clients safe from this type of behaivor. With Light and Love From Houston Psychic Cases Of Psychic Fraud Reported to Me Management here at Houston Psychic was emailed recently from someone who would like to have a case of psychic fraud added to our page to help keep others from being defrauded by the same person. Below is a copy of the original email the victim sent in. For their privacy and rights of protection the victims name will not be mentioned. Case #1 Reported 3-26-2005 Hello, my name's _________. I spoke to a psychic yesterday from 5 star concerning this other psychic who seem to be really have taken me for a fool. First of let me introduce myself and my motives. I am a strong christian. For a long time things have not worked out for me, I know in most cases it is my own doing, my own actions and my lack of disernment. I know I should not go to anyone except God for help, I guess I did lose my faith along the way. I have gone through alot of life altering situations, a rape, then an abortion ( a month back)which I didn't have time to think about, which is killing me thinkign about it and it took a toll on my bf and my relationship as well. In desparation, I did something I would never do, ask someone to please bring him back even if he's not meant for me, I was in such a state of shock of his sudden break up you know? Plus, I don't have pemanant employment. I just have a part time job that is simply not enough, and I am living with my parents too. After I spoke to this lady, I thought about it, and felt guilty of it all, and wanted to stop whatever she agreed to do for me you know, as I didn't have the right spririt and heart to force someone back in my life. If it is meant to be it will happen, so when I went and said that to her, she said she cannot stop the work. On top of all this, she has changed since the day I spoke to her about her promises you know? For example in the first reading she said he's gonna come back to me in 9 weeks, and she wanted that initial money to do that which was $250 american, I did not have the money at all, yet in desparation I paid her. The following day or so she asked me to contact her again. Then she said that I have this curse upon my life, with bad luck etc stuff I have no clue about, but I believed her and she asked for $305 american. I know I should have not used, yet I in my foolishness I guess I did at the time. Then she asked me to call her this week, when I did, she said my case is different unlike the others and it's gonna take a long time. Although I didn't want my bf back in unnatural ways...my heart just sank. I felt really dissapointed, in a way I felt maybe I should have not got into stuff I have no clue about. Then God in his faithfulness made me contact dear maggie :) I know all psycics are not out to get one's money. They are caring people like yourself. Even if I don't get the money back, my wholehearted prayer is that the spell will be stopped if there was any, as I want the person I love to want me on his own. Maggie said he's my soul mate, and alot of things which will occur naturally, which is the best way. I am babbling on. Thank you for listening. The other psychic also said that it's upto God etc, I could have doen all this myself through my own prayer. She did not need to charge me so much, and she knows I don't even have a proper job. I am also scared that maybe the other psychic will get angry and cause more problems but I know I am protected by God :) Anyways I'll stop from here, this is what I happened. Her website is Sophia Psychic View. (This site is not being promoted by Houston Psychic it is only here for you our beloved clients as a warning to not use this psychic is a fraud! ) Fraudulent psychics name is Sophia. Case Psychic Fraud # 2 reported 3-21-2005 ( actual emails sent back and forth from client to psychic below all the clients information has been removed such as name and email address for their privacy. The Fraudgulent Psychics info remains as a public service announcement warning. Hi my name is ____ this lady her name is sarah froster told me tha she will help get my boyfriend back to frist she ask me for $200 and she said will take only 3-5 day and the she say she needed more supply she ask me for more $400 and know she is not aswer my call or email me her is the email she send to me. her webb is Sarahslovemethods. Re: Hi Its______ Date: 08/02/2005 06:45:19 GMT Standard Time Hi_____ it's Sarah, Sweetie my work is 100% guaranteed ... i do not want to help you enless you feel confertable in work and have faith in me....i can help you it showed me i can, the work is guaranteed my work is thre god nothing negative... i have never failed a case in all of over 15 years i have been working i have 0% failing record, i am so powerful and i can help you with this in 3-5 days the work is done, or your money back to you,But i never had to refund somebodys money BECAUSE i have NEVER Failed.. Call me and i will explain to you more information to you if you'd like. God bless Love Sarah Re: Hi Its ______ Date: 08/02/2005 20:36:05 GMT Standard Time Hi _______ Yes if it doesnt work i will refund your money ....but if you are not confident in my work then do not begin. Re: Hi IAM sorry to say that Date: 25/02/2005 07:07:31 Sent from the Internet (Details) my phone has been out of service!!!!! Rain knocked over the tree next to my office and hit the telephone poles, all phones were un-directed to other compaines, PLEASE! You Must see! my work will help you! i Have SOO More information for you, just because we have not got into contact doesnt mean i have not been doing your work, It will be back up tomorrow After-noon at 12:00pm SHARP! Call me i have positive information ,,,, it took longer than 3 days because i got hit by a car, the window shattered injured my left arm, and hit the back bumper of the car, Trunk is off track, this all happend that same night i did your work in the moutains, and i was coming back home from the moutains from your work!, and a drunk driver hit me, and did not have his car lights on, hit me from the side! I Have been hurt!!! but i am still doing your work. i am very hurt that you even tell me these words and by knowing how hard i have been working. Psychic Fraud & Fraudgelent Psychics Actual Psychic Fraud Cases brought to my attention in the Houston Texas and surrounding areas. below. Psychic Fraud Case in Houston Texas, Brought to my attention 7-20-2011 Luckily this case was brought to my attention by one of my own customers whom below website tried to defraud. This psychic offered candle burning and prayers for her for $200.00.... It also claims to be able to stop divorce. Sure signs of Psychic Fraud here! Known numbers for their fraudgelent services. This case brought to my attention on 7-20-11 has since been resolved, with my help, my client received a full refund of money for the fraudulent candle burning. Granted it took me telling this psychic fraud, I was going to turn her in too the channel 2 news investigation team. But at least she did refund the money to my client once I confronted her on my clients behalf.