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  • Cynthia P. Dec 13, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    Fast and fabulous!
    My 16 mos. old dog learns so fast after her first dog training recently. It is amazing to watch how she improves so much in a short time. Christie did an outstanding job with her.
  • Caroline T. Aug 25, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
  • Brigitte B. Jul 11, 2016
    Dog Training - Board and Train
    Verified Review
    She did such a good job calming my dog down! I have a very hard headed, exuberant boxer so it was not easy. Now if she can just train me! I love that she has follow up group training. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you!
  • Laura B. May 16, 2016
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    This training makes the most sense out of any we have ever done for our dog, Blue. This is the only thing that has helped him get better. He is a much happier dog now, because he knows that my husband and I are in control and now he doesn't have to be. He can just be a carefree dog again. I would recommend this to everyone who have dogs with behavior issues and aggression issues (like our Blue did) - it has done wonders for our baby! Christie is hands down the best trainer we have ever worked with. She knows dog psyche and understands what they want and need. She truly is a miracle worker! She works the gamete of behavioral issues but if your dog has aggression issue - for sure this is the woman you need to see.
  • Jillian H. Dec 5, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
  • Hana Q. Mar 17, 2015
    Where do I start? Christie is fantastic, she found me the best dog ever and has time and time again trained dogs and their owners effectively and safely. If you want to have a great relationship with your dog, you need to go train with Christie!! Keep on doing what you are doing K9 Mastery :)
  • B.Susan M. Mar 16, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    I haven't yet.
  • David A. Feb 18, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
  • Erin C. Feb 1, 2015
    I've had the pleasure of working with Christie both recently and over the last several years. She is an excellent trainer! She has saved many shelter dogs that would have otherwise had a very unhappy ending. She is professional, punctual, very knowledgeable about dog behavior, and her training program has wonderful results. I look forward to working with her for years to come! I would highly recommend her services if are looking for a trainer in general or if your dog has aggression issues.
  • Chelsea Y. Jan 27, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    My boyfriend and I adopted a 6 week old pit bull named Huck in November 2013 the very first night we brought him home to feed him, I leaned down to pet him and he immediately starting growling. We tried to work with him ourselves but his food aggression started escalating as he got older and he also started being very aggressive towards us and family before he was 4 mo. Old. Our vet at the time told us that he needed to be neutered ASAP. So after we did that, we expected him to be more calm and less aggressive. Nothing really changed except he became more aggressive to the point where he would never let us give him a bath, clip his nails, being at the vet, pet him while he was eating or had any kind of bones to chew on, putting a collar on him, getting close to him and trying to touch his face. He would lash out at us if we did any of those things. It broke my heart more than anyone could understand because I was always so loving and affectionate towards my other dogs and the fact that I couldn't even love on my dog just ate me up. I became very scared of him and anytime he growled at me which was daily, I just left him alone. Me and my boyfriend have taken him to a few dog trainers in the past but we were turned away because they said he was too agressive and he should probably be put down. We even were recommended to go see a (Dog Phychiatrist) so he could be put on meds forever to help him be obedient. When I found out how much that was, it was insanely amount of money that we just couldn't afford. I was actually starting to consider to have him euthanized because so many people have told us that he is just to dangerous. I felt so alone and I just didn't want to be scared of my own dog anymore. My final attempt to get him help was actually on thumbtack. I listed my needs for a dog trainer and explained how agressive he was and expected to get no reply back from anyone because of his behavior. But then within 5 minutes of me posting my request, Christie said that she could help us. My boyfriend and I were kind of skeptical about it at first cause we didn't think she fully understood his condition and that maybe she just turn us away like all the others. But she explained to me that dealing with agressive breeds was actually her specialty which made me feel a lot better. On His very first day there of training he acted up pretty bad and Christie told that Huck needed to stay there for a while so she could work one on one with him without us being around. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make at that point but we decided to leave him there. It was very hard on us but we would have rather had to say goodbye for a little than have to say goodbye to him forever. Christie made us feel better by sending us emails and pictures almost daily about Huck's progress. We were finally able to bring him home 3 months later and we could not be more pleased with his behavior right now. I can finally say that we are able to put Huck's collar on him, clip his nails, and my most favorite part of all, he finally let's us love all over him and get close and touch his face. We know that he still has a long way to go, but he has made so much progress and we are so thankful from the bottom of our hearts for Christie. She is absolutely amazing with all of the dogs. You can really tell that she is genuine and really cares about what she does. We are learning so much from her and Ms.Jessica. That is why we drive 3 hours to see her for Class every Saturday morning from Houston.
  • Dale M. Jan 26, 2015
    I took my 2 Akitas to K9 Mastery after exhausting all other options. Kobe, my 120 Lb male was extremely dog aggressive and had already been kicked out of Triple Crown/Starmark's basic obedience class. Not only was he aggressive towards other dogs, but he would redirect at me when I tried to control him. Previous trainers were scared of him and frankly I don't blame them. I had pretty much given up on getting him under control when someone told me about Christie. She said that she never turns any dog away so I immediately enrolled him. Christie made remarkable progress in the first lesson and by the second class he was completely under control around other dogs. He graduated basic obedience and I was even able to take him to Dogtoberfest at the Domain, where we were surrounded by other dogs. That would never have been possible before training with Christie. Kobe is so well behaved that I enrolled Keiko, my female Akita at K9 Mastery as well. Keiko had already graduated from Triple Crown/Starmark but she was not nearly as obedient as Kobe. Now when I take them in public, everyone mentions how well behaved they are. I plan to take them through all levels of training up to advanced. If you have an aggressive dog, Christie is the only option in my opinion.
  • Lee G. Jan 11, 2015
    Dog Training
    Verified Review
    The field where we met was too dark to see, since there was no lighting on the field and the class began at 7:30P. Sriking a dog with a whip is abuse to me. It would have been helpful to know explain the german training philsophy in the website. My dog nipped her during the process of being hit with a whip. Only completed two classes and no refund was given. The issue was to stop my dog from being aggressive to other dogs. The issue still exists.
    Christie M. Jan 21, 2015

    Lee, I am sorry to hear that you feel this way. The field where we train is well lit most of the time and none of the other students have had issues with it. I cannot control the lighting of the park as it is run by the county. I understand that it may have been difficult for you to see completely what was going on, but that was due to the fact that both classes you said you did not bring your glasses. I understand you do not like the methods, however, you have admitted to me as well as several other students on the field that you are the problem with your dog's behavior and the reason your dog acts the way she does, NOT your dog Annie. You also admitted that the previous treat based methods you used do not work, your dog is out of control, and that you feel she should need to be put down (which was the ENTIRE reason you were referred to me by Animal Control which would obviously not refer anyone to an abusive trainer). German training methods and philosophies are explained on the website as well as easy to research. Myself, as well as my other students, and my assistant explained to you MULTIPLE times everything we were doing and why. Your dog was corrected because she bit me and aggression is not tolerated in any form or fashion, especially when it results in injury. She punctured my arm through 3 layers of thick clothing (it was cold that night, thus the 3 layers), so I would definitely NOT consider that a nip, nor would the other people and students who were there that night and witnessed what occurred. If you have issues with the extent of my description of the bite, I would be happy to forward you a picture of the injury once I cleaned it later that night. The reason the issue still exists with your dog is because you refused to follow instructions given and handle your dog appropriately. Annie always acted fine with me after I took the leash and worked her through the issues you created after you did not do as you were told during your homework throughout the week between classes. Even my assistant was able to handle Annie without issues. I make it VERY clear on my contracts that class fees are non-refundable, and this would DEFINITELY be the case in your situation where you refused to follow instructions, admitted you were the issue and refused to change, and expected me to handle your dog in a way that was dangerous to yourself, others, and your dog simply because you refuse to pay attention, listen, and follow instructions. I have never before had a student step on the field with such arrogance as to admit that they alone are the problem and refuse to change to fix it. As I stated before, the best of luck to you in your training endeavors and if you ever wish to find Annie a home with a person who can properly handle her, you are welcome to contact me as I will happily find her someone who is willing to work her properly and follow instructions. As always, my concern is for the dog here, and she in no way shape or form should be in danger of being put to sleep as any problems she has are completely fixable for someone willing to follow instructions. Christie Miller - Owner/Trainer

  • Miray V. May 14, 2013
    Zoey is 10 months old doberman pincher and one of the Christie's student. Right after Zoey turn 5 months old, I started to have hard time to walk with her, because she was not listening to me and pulling me all the time.After first class I can tell the differences was huge.Now it is amazing to walk with her around the lake, at the mall or any crowded place without any problem. Especially when people are telling me "how good behave dog " one more time I appreciate Christie and K9 Mastery. Zoey is still continue her intermediate obedience training and during her training she also got CGC certification and title. Thank you Christie you turned my little monster into my little ANGEL :)
  • Stephen J. May 14, 2013
    Three years ago, I had a dog with whom I knew not what to do. She bit people and was regularly attacking my other dogs. One trainer told me she was so aggressive that my best option was euthanasia. Thankfully, Christie found me and after six months of extensive, intensive, patient and positive training, I had a model dog who amazes me every day. Since then, I've taken a dozen unadoptable dogs from The Humane Society to Christie and with her help found new homes for all of them. Your money will be well spent and you will have new dog that you can show off with pride.
  • Kelsi S. May 14, 2013
    I was at my whits end with my dog Pistol before a coworker sent me to K9 Mastery. We are only two lessons in, but the difference I see in my dog already is amazing!!!! Pistol no longer pulls on his leash when we go for walks. He stays by my side on a loose leash even when walking by other dogs and people. I have tried other training methods before this and I was very disappointed with the results. I am very excited to continue building my bond with Pistol through the training we are doing. Thank You Christie!!
  • Jaime S. May 14, 2013
    We went through several months of training and completed basic and intermediate levels. We have two large dogs who had been attacking each other, resulting in trips to the vet with surgeries and drainage tubes. We thought it was one of our dogs attacking the other and this was our last resort before having him euthanized or trying to find him a home with no other dogs. Our dogs were 8 and 10 years old at the time, and we had little hope that a trainer could make a significant difference. After our first meeting with Christie, we knew we had found the perfect trainer. She taught us that one of our dogs was taunting the other and causing our other dog(who we thought was the victim) to attack. She took our concerns seriously and supported us throughout the entire training process. Our dogs amazed us throughout training, I honestly thought only super dogs and dogs that were trained as puppies could be as well mannered and well-trained as our dogs are now. I did not know it was something within a few months reach! It has been the best decision our household has ever made. Our dogs are incredible. I have pictures of me walking our 3 large dogs with one hand while I was 40 weeks pregnant, when previously I could not walk one at a time without struggling. This is THE trainer you have been looking for. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Follow her instructions and you will have the dog of your dreams!
  • Jessica C. Mar 20, 2013
    Without a doubt the best dog trainer out there. Calm, firm, easy to understand. She LITERALLY saved my dog's lives.
  • April P. Mar 19, 2013
    Christie has worked miracles for me and my dog, teaching my dog not to be fearful and me how to lead my dog. She's highly responsive and very understanding. She's made me a confident pack leader. I recommend her training services to anyone with a dog, regardless of size, age, or experience.


How did you get started doing this type of work?
Simply because of my love for dogs and my desire to help others. I have been there myself. I understand needing help and feeling hopeless. No dog is beyond hope.
What types of customers have you worked with?
The majority of my students come to me for obedience training and behavior modification services for aggression issues that other trainers have told them were beyond hope.