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Our business stands out from the rest because.... We do our very best to provide you with the service you want and need in a timely matter. We even do some things that other mechanics and shops don't! Like need a ride home, or to work, or to have your vehicle dropped off to you when the repairs are finished? How about a tow? Want or need to drop your vehicle off early or late due to your schedule? Maybe you'd even like a mechanic to come to your location? Well here at Sockets Mobile Auto Repair that's just what we do. Our trained technicians are constantly updating their skills. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our pricing is competitive. We know that you can pick from hundreds of other mechanics or repair shops here in San Antonio, but we promise to treat your vehicle like it's our very own. We will never mislead you or pressure you into having unnecessary repairs performed. We will answer all of your questions as thoroughly as we can so you fully understand what's being performed on your vehicle. We not only want you as a valued customer for life: we want you part of the Sockets Family as well. We appreciate when our customers put their trust in us! So, Why would you let anyone else work on your vehicle? Give us a call today to schedule for your FREE diagnostic with repairs. That's right we will waive the diagnostic fee if you choose US for your repairs. (210) 853-6131 / (210) 322-5586,
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  • Kelli B. Feb 18, 2015
    I am calling the police today to help me retrieve my truck after Michael and his wife have refused to give me the location of my truck. I had the truck towed to the address he gave me, it was supposed to be a garage downtown. He gave me a quote of $1500 to rebuild my transmission, half upfront and half upon completion. No problems so far. He said it would take 3-4 days to finish. A couple of days later I called because I needed belongings from my truck, he told me he was currently working on it at his house and gave us the address. We arrived at a very run down trailer park to see Michael coming out of his house on crutches. Double warning signs at one time, but he assured us it would be just a couple of days and he could do the work in spite of his injuries. We reluctantly agreed. Seven days passed and I called to find out if it was ready, at that point I was informed there was additional damage to the transmission and more parts were needed and he needed an advance from the final payment to cover the cost. I was irritated at the lack of communication and the delay but paid the additional money requested. He told me it would be 3 more days. Five days later we drove by his house to find the truck parked and other then the flywheel bolts being removed nothing else looked like it had been done. I called and texted but no reply. The next day I called him to tell him I wanted to come get my truck and his wife told me he was in the hospital, I told her I was sorry but I was coming for my truck. At that point she informed me it had been moved to the garage and when I asked for the address she said she would have her husband call us. When he did he told my husband he needed a couple more days, when we said no he told us the transmission was out of it and he would text us the address. He did not and is now not responding to us. Today I will be calling the police, PayPal and American Express in hopes of trying to at least get the money back with my unrepaired truck. Today is the 18th day he has had my car and to date I have paid him $1350. Buyer Beware!
  • Gry V. Jan 24, 2014
    If I could give this guy a 0 I would. Trust the negative reviews. This guy is a scammer. Police report listed on here by someone, is a Bexar County case number and rating by the BBB of F (low as you can get) are easy to verify for yourself, with a phone call to the Bexar County Sherrif's Office and a click of the mouse to the BBB on the web. Go elsewhere find a reliable mechanic or dish out the bucks for the dealer. You will be glad you did. Please do your research before even thinking of using this guy.
  • John M. Jan 18, 2014
    I put serious consideration into using this mechanics services. I read the reviews and really didn't know who to believe so I did my own research. Turns out the police were at "sockets mobile auto repair" on 01-15-2014. There is an incident number of: BCS0-2014-00163. Just a head up for anyone who was thinking about using this guy.
  • Chris J. Jan 13, 2014
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Unfortunately, the bad reviews are spot on. Going through exactly what other customers are complaining of. Having to take police action to retrieve car after 3 months of repairs.
    Michael V. Jan 14, 2014

    Wow I can not believe this bogus information people are leaving on this review page! especially chris. J. This customer has never used our service. A non credible customer believing the reviews others have noted here! This is SOLID INFORMATION THAT CAN BE OBTAINED BY ANYONE THAT HAS A BRAIN! Sockets Mobile Auto Repair HAS NEVER HAD TO HAVE THE POLICE OVER TO OBTAIN CUSTOMERS VEHICLES !!!!!! ....DEFIMATION OF CHARACTER WONT BE TOLERATED. WE ARE TAKING LEGAL ACTION ABOUT THIS MATTER! Its sad today that people bad mouth a company to help their failing business and point fingers for neglectful maintance to your vehicle !!!!! BLAME YOURSELF THERE NOT OTHERS ! Sockets Mobile has always been there and will continue to be there to HELP customers not SCREW someone over. Thank you for reading both sides and hearing the facts of someone's ignorance not reality of how Sockets runs business.

  • Jason L. Jan 3, 2014
    I never bother reading the positive reviews. It is very easy to have friends and family or even oneself write them. I read the negatives and I kook for patterns. My biggest regret is not doing that BEFORE I took my car to this guy. I am reading a lot of people state that this guy is using drugs. I don't know for sure, but wonder why so many would say that. if not true.Don't walk away from this guy...RUN. He demanded thousands of dollars up front and months later no car and no money. We are forced to go to the police to retrieve the car but it is disassembled with parts missing. His ad states "If we can't fix it you don't pay us". ...I guess that means that we won't pay him MORE than the thousands that we already have been robbed of.
  • Forman W. Jul 17, 2013
    Drug addict looking for crack money. Support someone trustworthy not someone looking to rob you with jacked prices and unfair disgnosis.
    Michael V. Nov 2, 2013

    First and for most I would like to inform you I am not a drug addict my main drug in my life is my kids, if you have any we could probably enjoy the same high! The response to this review is to advise everyone. I take every customer's review seriously and to assure potential customer's, I am not on any drugs and my repair rates are generated thru a program (repair pal) and always lower than shop cost. We also understand that our customer reviews are very important to our business and reputation. We will address any concerns applicable to your review about us. Thank you !

  • Paul G. Mar 29, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    I would like to sincerely thank Sockets Mobile for putting life back into my 2001 Honda Accord.Michael and his father showed up promptly at my residence with a very warm greeting & immediately went to work on the diagnostics of both of my vehicles.Michael cut me a break & did not charge me the full price for 2 diagnostics,so he already saved me $ from the start.Through the entire process from start to finish Michael constantly kept me informed on all repairs & costs.No work was started until he had clearly informed me of the job.Michael only needed a few days to complete the job.I felt that Michael was very concerned about the satisfaction of the customer.It was apparent that Michael and his father take great pride in their work.The best part of this was how much $$ Michael saved me.He easily saved me between $1,000.00 and $1,500.00 on his hard work he had done for me & you can bet was extremely grateful.As I picked up my car,I noticed a down town trolley there that he was going to work on so if the city of S.A. trusts Sockets Mobile,so can all of us,so forget about taking your vehicle to one of the big name chains who will just leave you in major debt.Do the smart financial move & call Sockets Mobile for all your auto repairs. Thanks again Michael.Awesome job. Paul Garcia 9703 Hidden Plains S.A. TX. 78250
  • James R. Feb 7, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Called and set up an appointment for 6 pm, which was very easy. When it came time for the appointment he never showed. I had to wait over half an hour before I called to check on him. The response I received was that he was running late and could not make it. Personally if you have an appointment with someone they should honor it, or let you know in a timely manner that they can not make it. Stay away if you can not afford to take a day off of work to waste waiting for someone to not show up.
    Michael V. Feb 7, 2013

    Sir, We are sorry you feel this way but with auto repairs not every call can go smoothly and exactly on time. There can be further issues or problems with parts we recieved from customers. When we set appointments we state between 6-7pm (your appt. for example) but if we can make it sooner we will call. The mechanic is the only one who can say for sure his arrival and will call his Secretary if next customer needs to be informed of delay issues. Being he is under the hood doing repairs the time factor can sometimes be a little later then expected but majority of customers understand and agree. When we spoke it wasnt to say he couldn't make it at all but would it be easier to reschedule another time. You called back saying no and immediately hung up before we could try any attempt to make you a satisfied customer. Once again we apoligize for the inconvenience but we do not rush any customers repairs to ensure the accuracy of all repairs we perform.

  • Frank J. Feb 2, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Sockets Mobile Auto Repair is excellent. They were prompt, courteous, friendly and TRUSTWORTHY. They diagnosed the problem very quickly and correctly. They let me choose the part (a new carburetor) with options for the price range and type and gave a price quote beforehand and that was the final price. I will be calling them again in the future.
  • Robert B. Jan 20, 2013
    Mike came out to my house on a Sunday with his dad and daughter in tow becuase she wanted to ride along. When I called he told me he was on his way.I have a Ford 97 Exepedition that blew a plug. He did a re-thread and got it working great in less than two hours. Price was great compared to what the shops would charge you. I know time will tell on the repair but he did a great job getting it running. Fun to talk to while working. If this holds up he will be the first person I call when something goes wrong.
  • Jasper A. Jan 18, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Michael showed up on time, was personable, professional and got the job done on the spot! I also had another vehicle that needed a new alternator and he did that too. I felt comfortable with his demeanor and his knowledge was evident immediately. Pricing was fair and as stated with no bull in the middle.
  • Danika R. Jan 17, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Had my fuel pump replaced, (hard work, by the way!!!) and now it liiiiiiiives!!!! THANK YOU!
  • Poppy S. Jan 16, 2013
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    I was actually a bit surprised by Mike many times for many reasons. I was surprised at how fast he responded and how he came to me and diagnosed the issue in a short time. I was surprised how much he knew about my car it is a bit unusual. I hate to admit I was surprised by the total price. He was cheaper than the cheapest shop I found but wow it was still expensive oh well I suppose that is what you get when you own a Mercedes. Overall I am very pleased. They did good work in good time at a good price.
  • Erika G. Dec 19, 2012
    Never ever think about going to this mechanic. Mobile? they wanted me to drive my car to them. Professionalism? I have never been treated so bad in my life, paid these people over $3000.00 and my car is still not working, they misdiagnosed my car and they cursed me out when i complained telling me its my fault its not working. Please don't trust these people, go to an actual auto shop instead of dealing with these amateurs. Problem so bad, have to take legal matters.
    Michael V. Dec 20, 2012

    Long story short you called our company with your none running vehicle asking for head gasket repair. We performed all repairs necessary and you signed final receipt of satisfaction upon payment. Then called with minor issues were instructed to bring vehicle in and we would take care of it. You decided to listen to another mechanic and continued to drive the vehicle after told it was not recommended until looked at causing you to blow your engine completely. Not every customer can be happy especially after voiding their warranty and having to pay for repairs again. We stress the importance of our warranties and by following simple instructions you could take advantage of the free repairs. Ma'am we tried multiple times to do all we could for you even though it was due to your own negligence but decided with the threats of violence and verbal abuse you did to my staff we couldnt help you out further. We wish youlyou luck with your repairs and finding someone to help you.

  • Robbie G. Nov 26, 2012
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Showed up as promised and was very quick at changing out my battery. He was able to accept credit cards, something i appreciate for the convenience. Very professional as well. I will definitely add Michaels contact info into my phone for future needs. Thanks Michael!
  • Nathan W. Oct 15, 2012
    Auto Repair Services
    Verified Review
    Here on time done in no time flat great job!!!!
  • Jamie P. Sep 1, 2012
    He responded very professionally, he gave me a time when he would be arriving to come repair my car. This guy is the real deal he is fast,accurate and knows his stuff about cars ! His prices are a lot better than the mechanic shops around San Antonio too... I found my mechanic I won't go to anybody else but Sockets mobile auto repair! Thank you so much for helping me with my car. God bless!


What types of customers have you worked with?
I specialize in no start problems, fuel delivery issues, timing belts, electrical, interference engine bent valves repair over heating and head gasket repair check engine lights, no spark, charging systems, multiple misfire, tune ups, brakes , suspension, ball joints , clutch repair , cv axle repair , fuel pumps, computer repair, and many other repairs needed on todays modern vehicles. No job is too small!
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
When searching for a Automotive Technician to work on your vehicle or investment, find out if what is needed is something they have serviced or repaired before. Find out there guarantee behind there work. See if they have professional business cards to provide to you along with receipts upon completion. Some of these questions will scare a lot of backyard and shade tree non certified wanna be mechanics just trying to get over on you and take your hard earned money! Nobody likes throwing hard earned money away and most likely causing more problems than what the original issue the vehicle was having in the first place.... We offer this- if we can't repair it you don't pay us! Plain and simple.