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We use a proprietary treatment system that has been helping individuals world-wide find hope, confidence and long-term sobriety. The InnerGold Treatment System was created by the founder after thousands of hours of counseling, group sessions and his clients. InnerGold put together this treatment system based on the clients. We have included those things that work and omitted the things that don't. The InnerGold program is not read and forget, it is a way of life and sobriety from all forms of addictions. Originally, Gordon was not going to sell this treatment system but his clients urged him to so the greatest part about our job is helping people and seeing individuals find sobriety, when all else has failed. Gordon, priced the treatment system affordable for everyone because he does want to help. Gordon, originally was told he should sell this for over $500 but that was not going to help those who may not be affluent. InnerGold wants to see people find long-term sobriety.


Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

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