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Writing/Editing Still in the idea stage? Have a manuscript in hand? Ready for that final polish? We're ready to work with you and your message at any stage. You can submit manuscripts for an honest evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, and potential. You can work with one of our writers to put your ideas on paper. Or, you can come to us to make sure your book really "shines" and is ready for production. Take a look at what we offer: * Writing * Editing * Proofreading Writing You give us the concept for your book and as much research and reference materials as possible, and we will assign a writer who is the most knowledgeable in the books' subject matter and intended audience. Within six weeks, we will send you an outline for your approval. Once we have that, we will provide you with a draft of the completed manuscript within four to six months, depending upon the nature and complexity of the topic. You will be given an opportunity to revise this draft and we will incorporate your revisions within two weeks of the time we receive them. You will then receive a revised copy of your manuscript. Editing Every manuscript must be edited. If you already have a finished manuscript, we can provide you with expert editing assistance. This can range from "substantive editing" (in which there is some rewriting and reorganizing of the manuscript and, in some cases, fact checking) to "copyediting" (in which the manuscript is edited for syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of style). Depending upon the length and complexity of the manuscript and the degree of editing required, we can provide you with an edited copy of your manuscript within six to ten weeks. Proofreading Perhaps an unglamorous component of book publishing, proofreading is one of the most important stages a manuscript goes through on the way to the bookstore. The finest prose and the most expertly researched and written text are both rendered suspect in the eyes of the readers if they contain errors, be they egregious or simply careless mistakes. Five Star Publications' proofreaders have the breadth of knowledge and experience to assist the authors of books ranging from read-to books for toddlers to adult fiction/non-fiction. We take pride in each and every printed page!

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