Little Treasures F.C.C.H.

About this pro

---as a licenced and certified childcare provider I offer: *a quality childcare that is like a home away from home, where childrens learn though a free play, and an easy to learn like preschool curriculum sistem! *runs a small capacity childcare home facility, because I am believe that if there are a few childrens under my care, they will receive a better one on noe quality care, directly from my self. ---in order to provide a clean and safe envairoment home to the childrens: *where each children is treated as unique. *I personaly do all kinds of work, that require to be done prior to the childrens arrive to the daycare, during their presence, and after they gone for the day. ---my services include the following: * direct care and supervision (to the childrens). * free healthy home made meals (approved from nutrition program). * play to lear curriculum (helps to develope child's motor skills). * direct business relations with parents/sponsors and/or programs. *child proof home. *clean and safe enviromen. *cash or checks payments are accepted (receips and W-10 form ) *all type of goberment subsided prograsm are walcome. *siblings discount.


National City, CA 91950
Coverage Area for Little Treasures F.C.C.H. is about 30+ miles of National City, CA.