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All of the CFL mediators are highly qualified whilst perfectly positioned to offer empathy and understanding. We have over 150 mediators covering a variety of States within the US. All of our mediators have hours of demonstrable success in all areas of conflict and resolution and are well averse with laws and guidelines for their relevant States. CFL mediators are selected for their phenomenal credentials, respect and references and all are highly regarded amongst their peers. All of our mediators are highly qualified and certified and are either Lawyers, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists and Behavioral Therapists. It is important to us that we have a plethora of skills within our company so that we are in the best position to offer you a high end quality service. It is a wonderful feeling in being able to create a resolution for couples who find themselves in a bitter and acrimonious divorce. We know only too well what it is like to begin to "hate" the other party and with attorney's getting involved, it can quite often fuel the situation. Not only can we provide a peaceful and calm resolution but we invariably save them thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees. It is great to see the transition from hate, upset and discord to a form of peace and harmony between couples who in turn can focus on what is right and leading their lives, separately.

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    Coverage Area for Mind Mastery Mediation is about 30+ miles of Newport Beach, CA.