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We pride ourselves in being uniquely (in the live music industry) professional and being reliable with attention to detail. We take care of business, and can still have fun doing it, and that feeling is contagious. The main focus is original music events, but we do quite a few private engagements, or non "concert" shows we include a tasty variety of familiar reggae cover songs by Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Inner Circle, and Tenor Saw, as well as "reggaefied" versions of songs by Steve Miller, Eagles, and Led Zeppelin. The sound and vibe is strongly compatible with family friendly public and private events, and equally at home doing a concert in a music hall or night club. This includes weddings, life celebrations, birthdays, fundraisers, grand openings, employee events etc. We still book many of our shows directly with talent buyers so contact us at It's rewarding to put yourself out there in musical self expression, and then to feel some appreciation of it. That connection is what makes it all worth while. Without an audience to enjoy the music, there's a large piece missing. Like the tree falling in the woods, but nobody there to hear it.


Salinas, CA 93901

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    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      Most common shows are equally split between two "concert" types. One type being public events like a county fair or a music festival or a wine tasting. These can be from 45 minutes to several hours. We perform about half covers and half originals at these gigs. The other being shows at nightclub where tickets are sold and/or you pay at the door. We may play with another band as a double bill, or as opening band, or as headliner. These are usually 45 minutes to about two hours. We perform our best original material at these shows. The next most common are shows are clubs and restaurants that don't charge for admission. We tend to stay away from the "bar band" venues, and we tend to play in cities (and venues) where we are paid best. Though not our main focus, we perform at many private engagements, and enjoy a considerable amount of work outside of the typical concert circuit . From corporate events, to life milestones (birthday, wedding, anniversary, life celebration), to wineries and country clubs, we have found many loyal and satisfied customers over the last few years. The most interesting part is that many people who enjoy Omani are not your typical reggae fans. In fact, i addition to our die hard reggae fans, a lot of folks tell us that they didn't think that they liked reggae music, but they love listening to Omani. Our universal sound reaches across age, gender, social class, and all demographics.
    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      Always try to contact an artist or band as directly as possible. We can be contacted at Look at the history of a band you wish to hire. How long have they been around? Have they played events that seem comparable to yours? You probably don't want a punk band for your dinner auction. Do they seem like they can be trusted to show up on time and be reliable and professional? Sometimes bands are a little bit flaky. Ask for references, or better yet try to find them yourself.
    Coverage Area for Omani (Reggae Band) is about 150+ miles of Salinas, CA.