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ROBERT DAVID MALOVE is Board Certified as a specialist in criminal trial law by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Education and Specialization. Mr. Malove is distinguished trial lawyer with about 30 years of experience in federal and state courts. He concentrates on legal issues relating to the white-collar crime defense and healthcare fraud defense for which his Health Care Fraud Blog has received widespread recognition. Mr. Malove is a co-author of the noted treatise, WHITE COLLAR CRIME: HEALTH CARE FRAUD (West) (2010-2011 ed.) Buy it now or Download the Summary. In 2007, Mr. Malove completed post-graduate studies in Healthcare Corporate Compliance at George Washington University and furthered his comprehensive knowledge in the various state and federal laws regarding healthcare fraud and corporate compliance. Also, in 2007, Mr. Malove attended the Health Care Compliance Association’s Compliance Academy has successfully completed the Certified in Healthcare Compliance Examination, thus earning the CHC designation which was renewed through 2011. Prior to serving as an Assistant Public Defender in cases ranging from murder, fraud, to DUI, he graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Pepperdine University School of Law. Consistent with staying on the cutting edge of developments in criminal defense, one of Mr. Malove’s signature trademarks, he earned a Masters Degree in Forensic Science, from the George Washington University in 1981, long before forensic science became part of our everyday lexicon. Before that, Mr. Malove was conferred a BS in the Administration of Justice from The American University School of Justice. He has served as a guest commentator on COURT-TV and maintains membership in the National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers and Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Mr. Malove has extensive experience in the area of pill mill defense and represents the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine, Florida Academy of Physician Assistants, American Academy of Pain Management, and Florida Society of Neurology and has filed an amicus curiae brief in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the Florida statutes regulating the operation of pain clinics, i.e., pill mills. If you, or someone you know is facing prosecution as a result of aggressive law enforcement activity targeting Medicare fraud, health care fraud, pill mills or doctor shopping, make sure you hire attorney Robert Malove, an expert criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the issues. Mr. Malove is rated AV by Martindale-Hubble® as a pre-eminent lawyer, and has been named in the Florida Directory of Super Lawyers. Robert Malove practices law in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida and in federal courts throughout the United States.


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      Over the years, driving under the influence (DUI) laws have changed dramatically, and the legal and monetary consequences for driving drunk have become more severe. In the state of Florida, a DUI conviction can cost you a great deal, even for your first offense. Since much is at stake, you need to react both swiftly and competently throughout the DUI legal process. Contact us BEFORE you schedule your hearing When arrested for DUI, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) demands that you contact them to schedule an administrative license suspension hearing (DMV Hearing) within ten days of your arrest. Before you schedule this hearing, you need to contact Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Malove to ensure your rights remain protected. Mr. Malove, a Miami & Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney, has handled many DUI cases and has a proven record of successfully fighting for the rights of those accused. With over 25 years of courtroom experience behind him, he will walk you through the complicated and serious DUI process, providing you with an effective and aggressive defense strategy, ensuring you the best achievable outcome.
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      What will it cost to get a lawyer? Robert Malove offers free consultation and EASY PAYMENT PLANS. This varies, of course, by the reputation and experience of the lawyer and by the geographic location. As with doctors, generally, the more skilled the attorney and the larger the city, the higher the fee. A related factor is the amount of time a lawyer devotes to his cases: the better lawyers take fewer clients, spending more hours on each. The range of fees is huge. A general practitioner in a small community may charge only $500-1000; a DUI specialist with a national reputation may charge up to $15,000 or more, depending on the facts. In addition, the fee may vary by such other factors as: Is the offense a misdemeanor or felony? If prior convictions are alleged, the procedures for attacking them may add to the cost. The fee may or may not include trial or appeals. Administrative license suspension procedures may also be extra. The lawyer may charge a comprehensive fixed fee, or he may ask for a retainer in advance — to be applied against hourly charges. Costs such as expert witness fees, independent blood analysis, service of subpoenas, etc., may be extra. Whatever the fee quoted, you can ask for a written agreement. And make sure you understand all the terms. Regardless of the allegation or wherever you may find yourself in the criminal justice process, Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Malove can provide you with the legal help you need. For more than 24 years, Robert Malove has been protecting the legal rights of those in South Florida. He understands the impact a criminal charge can have on someone’s life, and will aggressively fight for you to ensure that your rights are being respected. Get Help Now
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