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Liz Golden is a fashion, wedding and portrait photographer based out of North East Florida. Liz's father, who was a photographer by profession, made sure that she grew up on both sides of the camera, loving every minute of it! She then decided to follow in her fathers footsteps and was formally trained at the Fogazzaro School of Arts in Vicenza, Italy. There Liz learned from the best how to create art using composition and lighting. Her natural and trained eye finds beauty in the details and highlights the best features of her subjects. Being raised in Europe, Liz is thus inspired by the architectural lines and composition of Palladio and the lighting and dramatic scenes of Rembrandt. Her knowledge and passion for art drive her to create memorable and timeless images with those that she photographs. Liz's true love lies within capturing the beautiful emotion and energy within human relationships: love, joy, tenderness and passion just to mention a few.


Jacksonville, FL 32258

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