Thumbtack Guarantee

$1 Million Property Protection across more than 1,000 services

We share our pros’ commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. That’s why, when you hire a professional on Thumbtack, your property is protected against damage up to $1 million.

Some exclusions apply.

How it works

Start by hiring your pro on Thumbtack. To be protected by the Thumbtack Guarantee, the pro you hire must be marked as “hired” on the website or in the app before they start their work and within 30 days of when you submitted your project request.

In the rare event damage occurs, contact Thumbtack Support within 72 hours and we’ll start helping right away. Review the full Terms and Conditions.

Mark the pro as “hired” before they start their work.

What it covers

The Guarantee covers up to $1 million for property damage directly and primarily caused by the negligence of a professional hired on Thumbtack.

The damage must be a result of services rendered based on your original request. Add-on projects or future projects not requested through Thumbtack, even if completed by a Thumbtack pro, aren’t covered. Projects must be completed within six months of your Thumbtack request.


  1. What is the process for reporting issues?

    To report a property damage issue, please fill out this form in our Help Center.

    Once your report has been received, we will begin our resolution process. We will first work to facilitate conversations between you and the professional so you can discuss your concerns directly.

    If this is unsuccessful, we will process your Guarantee request and determine your eligibility.

  2. How long does the process take?

    The timeline for the process varies depending on several factors including:

    • the complexity of the damage or issue
    • how quickly you and the pro respond to one another and to Thumbtack Support
    • the documentation you provide

    Our goal is to process even the most complex issues within 30 days, but this is not always possible.

  3. How do I contact Thumbtack Support?

    For questions about the Guarantee Terms and Conditions, please contact Thumbtack Support at If you are a customer and have had an issue with a professional, please fill out this form.

  4. What do I need to provide to Thumbtack?

    In the rare, unfortunate event that damage occurs and you want to initiate a Thumbtack Guarantee request, we require some information to get started. This may include:

    • Receipts, photographs, documents or other proof of ownership of the property, value, and damages
    • Estimates or appraisal information
    • Information about how the damage was caused
  5. Does this mean I don’t need my own insurance?

    The Thumbtack Guarantee is not insurance and it does not insure you or any other person. It does not cover all types of property. It does not replace your homeowners, renters, property, professional, or any other type of insurance.

    This means you should still research and comply with all rules and best practices when you complete projects using Thumbtack pros. If you need additional assurances beyond those provided by the Guarantee, you must purchase insurance or other coverage to provide it.

  6. What isn’t covered?

    Some types of property damage are excluded. For example, the Guarantee doesn’t cover fine art, electronic data, or damage due to delay. Read more.

Terms and Conditions

Read the full details of the Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions. Some important eligibility information:

  1. The Thumbtack Guarantee is limited to $1 million, and it applies only to customers. This means Thumbtack will accept Guarantee requests only from the person who, using Thumbtack as a registered user, requested work and hired the professional through Thumbtack.
  2. To be covered by the Thumbtack Guarantee, the pro you work with must be marked as “hired” on Thumbtack. Pros must be marked as “hired” on Thumbtack prior to work commencing and no later than 30 days after the initial request. You must also notify us of the damage within 72 hours of it occurring, even if you are in the process of resolving the issue directly with the pro.
  3. Losses must be incurred as a direct result of work requested on Thumbtack and must be caused by the negligence of the pro. This means the Thumbtack Guarantee covers damages or losses directly caused by the pro in the course of performing the work requested by the customer on Thumbtack.
  4. Thumbtack will first require customers to make a good faith attempt to resolve any claims of damages with the pro. Most damage issues can be resolved amicably, and we are here to help. Before the Thumbtack Guarantee applies, we will first try to help customers resolve problems with pros directly.
  5. Some types of property damage are excluded. For example, the Guarantee doesn’t cover fine art, electronic data, or damage due to delay. Read more.