Annual home maintenance costs continue to rise, reaching new high of $6,663 amidst tight housing market.


By Jack Erb

Each quarter we release new data from our Home Care Price Index*, a snapshot leveraging insights from more than one million essential home projects to estimate the annual cost of maintaining your home in cities across the country.

While there are signs of hope in the housing market heading into spring, 2023 proved to be a challenging year. Between record-high mortgage rates, low inventory, and decreased sales, homeownership was out of reach for many Americans. At the same time, the 85% of mortgage holders who locked in sub-5% rates, opted to remain in place instead of entering the market, focusing on improving and maintaining their current home.

average annual cost of home maintenance throughout the years

This past quarter, Q4 2023, the average annual cost to maintain a single-family home increased by about 8% year-over-year (from $6,155 in Q4’22 to $6,663 in Q4’23), reaching a new high since we started tracking in 2020. However, there are reasons for homeowners to be optimistic, with the index increasing only 1.32% from Q3’23 to Q4’23, showing signs of slowing inflation.

cost of home maintenance for condos, town homes and single family homes

At the same time, the average annual cost to maintain a townhome and condo have also risen year-over-year, increasing at an annualized rate of 6.69% and 3.17%, respectively. The yearly cost to maintain a townhome is now $2,284 (an increase of $118 compared to Q4’22) and $773.54 for a condo or apartment (an increase of $22 compared to Q4’22).

Homeowners prepare for holiday hosting with upkeep and winterization.

cost home maintenance tasks q4 23 vs q4 22

Our Home Care Price Index takes into account various maintenance projects* homeowners need to tackle each year — including HVAC maintenance, gutter cleaning, appliance repairs/maintenance, and more — to keep homes running smoothly and prevent costly emergency repairs. This quarter, we’ve seen a majority of home maintenance prices rise, with 12 out of the 17 home maintenance categories increasing in cost compared to the same period in 2022.

With increasing prices and rising costs to borrow money, homeowners prioritized ongoing maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and avoid pricey repairs. In Q4, homeowners were predominantly focused on winterizing, weather-proofing, and general upkeep ahead of the holiday hosting season, with three of the most booked projects including house cleaning, handywork, and appliance repair/maintenance.

When looking at specific categories, Heating System Repair or Maintenance saw the biggest price increase over the past year (up 41.8% YoY) followed by Roof Repair and Maintenance (up 26% YoY), Central Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance (up 20% YoY), Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance (up 14%YoY), and Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning and Repair (up 13% YoY).

list of annual costs for specific home maintenance tasks

Sunshine state sees cooling costs.

In this iteration of our Home Care Price Index, we examined home maintenance costs for the largest 20 metropolitan areas from coast to coast, with 11 out of the 20 metro areas examined experiencing a year-over-year increase.

US map showing change in regional inflation and annual cost of maintenance

The rising costs of home maintenance affected cities from coast to coast, with Houston (+38%), Cleveland (+34%), Seattle (+20%), and Dallas (+14%) experiencing the biggest increases in Q4. Meanwhile costs in the Sunshine State started to cool down, with Miami experiencing a drastic decrease in the annual cost of home maintenance, down -27% year-over-year ($5,154 annually), followed by Tampa (down -16%), Sacramento (down -11%), and Denver (down -9%).

regional inflation and change in home care costs by city

While we’re seeing prices continue to increase overall, some cities are a bit more cost-effective than others. Florida stands out with the most affordable cities including Miami-Ft. Lauderdale ($5,154), Orlando-Daytona ($5,044), and Tampa-St. Pete ($5,118). After a surge of new residents moved to Florida over the two years, home maintenance costs finally started to decrease.

Below are the most and least affordable cities for home care in Q4 2023, looking at average cost per city:

least affordable cities for home care costsmost affordable cities for home care costs

Preparing your home for a brighter spring.

While prices continue to rise, the pace of increase has slowed, hinting at a potential easing in 2024. The Fed has signaled rate cuts in 2024 (potentially in Q2 of this year), leaving consumers cautiously optimistic for an economic “soft landing”, as sticky inflation may finally be inching toward 2-percent norms.

Consequently, mortgage rates have dropped steadily, averaging 6.6% for a 30-year fixed mortgage the week ending Dec. 28, with experts predicting rates between 6–7% in Q1, followed by a decline throughout the year. Additionally, a small uptick in single-family home construction is working through the construction backlog, bringing additional inventory to the market.

In Q1 of this year, homeowners should focus on maintenance and routine upkeep to keep their houses in good condition for the spring, whether they’re considering selling or simply avoiding costly emergencies. Although spring and summer are popular seasons for tackling home projects, checking things off your to-do list during winter can often result in cost savings and faster completion due to less competition.

So what maintenance tasks should homeowners be focused on early this year? First, if you’re in a cold-weather climate, prioritize removing snow from around your home, including your roof. Prolonged moisture can ruin foundations, making winterizing important to keep basements dry and homes warm. For states that don’t get snow, adequate drainage should also be top of mind. It’s a good time to see where water pools around the house, making sure gutters are working properly. It’s also a good time for homeowners to have a pro snake out your main line to ensure your pipes aren’t getting backed up — the last thing anyone wants to deal with is backed-up drains during the cold season.

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*Methodology: The Home Care Price Index incorporates Thumbtack categories that are deemed essential annual tasks for home maintenance — Appliance Maintenance, Carpet Cleaning, Central Air Conditioning Maintenance, Deck Staining and Sealing, Duct and Vent Cleaning, Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning, Full Service Lawn Care, Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance, Heating System Maintenance, House Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Maintenance, Sprinkler and Irrigation System Maintenance, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Tree Trimming and Removal, Water Heater Maintenance, and Window Cleaning. Pricing data is based on projects requested on Thumbtack reported directly by the independent service professional or individual consumer. The cost is an unweighted index of home maintenance projects on a quarterly basis using a moving average.

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