10 bathroom design trends to soak up this year.


By Nichole Talbot

If you’ve decided it’s time to give your bathroom an upgrade this year, you’re in good company: 72% of homeowners are considering at least one home improvement project in 2022. Bathroom remodeling is the most popular project of them all, with more than half of the homeowners surveyed considering this project.

With many of us still spending a ton of time at home, homeowners want to remodel their outdated bathrooms with better layouts, luxurious details and tech-forward features. They also want to make their homes more functional and versatile, equipped with amenities that facilitate a work-home life balance. Think: exercise areas, relaxation nooks and even meditation spaces. Better bathrooms are evolving to meet those needs.

Design experts and industry trends show that these are the top bathroom design trends for 2022. Relax, and enjoy.

Top bathroom design trends to watch in 2022

1. Bring vacation back with you.

bathroom trend resort styleBoth homeowners and renters are taking design cues from their hotel and travel experiences — and who can blame them? People want to create the resort experience at home and transform their baths into spa-like sanctuaries.

According to a recent study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 55% of respondents say that travel experiences influence their bathroom design choices.

“With the transition of homeowners spending much more time at home, there is a shift toward incorporating more luxury in their day-to-day living,” says Kate O’Hara, CEO and creative director of Martha O’Hara Interiors. So, this year, expect to see bath trends that focus on increasing square footage, integrating architectural details and adding luxurious materials. 

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2. Why spend money at the spa?

wet room bathroom design trend

Wet rooms and saunas are gaining traction this year, as folks want spa-like experiences at home. In these new visionary wet rooms, you might see a shower door removed to connect to a freestanding tub. Or, these days, more homeowners are opting for no tub at all, with a giant shower installed instead. It turns out that homes with curbless showers can snag nearly 4% more in selling price than those without. 

Regarding this wholesale reimagining of the bathroom space, O’Hara notes, “We’re seeing many requests for whole shower rooms integrating a free-standing tub as well as the inclusion of steam showers — a luxury you could previously only experience at your local spa.”

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3. Cut down on your cleaning time.

bathroom trends large titlePersonal health and hygiene remain top of mind these days. Similar to kitchen trends, surfaces that are easy to clean and care for are gaining popularity in the bathroom.

Non-porous materials like quartz are becoming an attractive option. They are not only easy on the eyes, but they prevent bacteria growth from trapped water. Expect to see more large-format tile that requires less grout and cleaning as well.

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4. More marble? Yes, please.

marble bathroom designIs there anything more luxurious than marble in the bathroom?

Marble’s unique, one-of-a-kind veining is striking and stunning — and its high-gloss sheen reflects natural light around the entire room for a feel you just can’t get anywhere else.

Expect to see a lot more marble in bathroom design, from marble-slab walls and floors to all-marble walk showers. For high-drama, opt for book-matched marble — two consecutive slabs joined together to create a mirror effect. 

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5. It’s easy being green.

green tile bathroom backsplashEach year before the holidays, paint manufacturers announce their color of the year.

For 2022, soft green was unanimous among them — and it’s easy to see why. Green is grounding and calming, while reminding us of nature and the outdoors. These days, we might not be getting a lot of that.

The shade is vibrant, fresh and easily brings elements of the outdoors into the home. Expect to see varying shades of green on bathroom walls, bathroom tiles and vanities as people create an oasis of peace and tranquility to their spaces. If you choose to adopt the trend, accent the color with your favorite plants.

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6. Hello, outdoors. Welcome.

biophilic bathroom designBathroom trends tend to follow larger household trends, and biophilic design is wildly popular right now. For some people, being in nature reduces stress and anxiety — and biophilia as interior design connects people to the outdoors.

In the bathroom, this translates to the use of organic materials like stone, wood, rattan and natural fibers. If you have a particular style in mind — like boho, coastal, mid-century-modern or traditional — have no fear. Nature-inspired designs work well within any existing style.

7. Get with the times.

smart bathroom technologyWe live in a digital world — and our homes are catching up with today’s high-performance tech. As families become more concerned about energy efficiency, water consumption and accessibility, smart home and automation features have seen a noticeable uptick. Especially in the bathroom. 

“Consumers will install one or more types of smart faucet or shower, not only due to the concern of cross-contamination, but also for the need to address accessibility, water conservation or for mere convenience,” says Daniela Cabral, senior kitchen and bath specialist at ProSource Wholesale.

So look out for more smart faucets and shower heads, voice-controlled thermostats and radiant heating for ultimate comfort. 

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8. It’s not old. It’s retro.

bathroom tile trendsWhat’s old becomes new again — and this is especially true when it comes to interior design. In other words, beautiful bathroom tiles never go out of style. 

Terrazzo tile has been resurrected from 1980s shopping malls — and bathroom designers are reimagining it in new, inventive ways. Its colorfully speckled surface is light and playful, lending itself to appealing bathroom walls, floors, showers and tubs.

It’s also a great sustainability option, so look out for terrazzo manufacturers that use recycled quartz, marble, granite or glass. 

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9. It’s not really old. It’s vintage.

vintage bathroom trendsVintage never really goes out of style. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind piece to add a dash of retro charm to your home. Mixed with contemporary, traditional, or even modern furnishings, vintage pieces add character and personality.

Vintage pieces are now making their way into small bathrooms and ultra-luxe master baths alike. Go all-in with checkerboard tile flooring or a sumptuous clawfoot tub. If you’re not quite ready for the full makeover, add smaller touches with heirloom vases and perfume bottles. You can’t lose.

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10. Comfort, within reach.

bathroom shelfLet’s face it: whether it’s to escape the kids for a couple minutes of mindfulness or just let hot water wash over you after a long day at work, these days, we’re using our bathrooms to rest and recharge.

That brings us to another design trend this year — more accessible accessories. We need easy reach to our cozy accouterments, from towels to soaps to personal hygiene items. And don’t be afraid to look beyond built-ins, says JoJo Heinke, professional organizer and founder of Spruced Co. “Go with a piece of statement furniture to store and display your bath essential.”

Feeling adventurous? Get creative with storage, keeping in mind that you’ll want your most-used items within easy reach. And for a put-together feel, ditch the packaging. “Roll and stack your clean towels and decant your toilet paper rolls for a clean, fresh look,” says Heinke. 

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