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Planning ahead

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7 Steps to Fitness Boot Camp Success
  1. 1. Choose an instructor who motivates

    Some fitness instructors encourage and comfort during workouts, while others maintain a real “drill instructor” demeanor. Select the instructor who fits your workout style.

  2. 2. Get good equipment

    Purchase workout clothing that fits you comfortably. Clothing should be tight but not restrictive. Choose natural fibers to avoid chafing and wick sweat away from the body.

  3. 3. Make sure there's a Plan B

    Choose a boot camp that is flexible enough to work through bad weather. Make sure that there is a backup workout area for days when it rains or snows.

  4. 4. Attend a workout session

    Most trainers offer at least one class free of charge in order to ascertain your fitness level. This allows you to determine whether or not you can succeed in the boot camp program.

  5. 5. Set your limits

    Do not be afraid to take things down a notch. Choosing a fitness level that keeps you coming back for workouts is better than over-extending yourself at the first class and quitting completely.

  6. 6. Stay fueled

    Remember to eat a snack that includes carbohydrates at least an hour prior to the class. Drink plenty of water and bring water to the boot camp location.

  7. 7. Enjoy the team effort

    A boot camp is made up of a variety of fitness seekers who work together toward a common goal. An added bonus of a fitness boot camp is the camaraderie and the new friendships.

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