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7 Works Covered by Copyright Laws
  1. 1. Written work

    The ideas you put down on paper or lend to an online subject for others’ enjoyment should always be recognized as your own. Your copyright attorney provides services to safeguard your literary work.

  2. 2. Music

    Whether this is background sound effects or a simple family lullaby that you write, your copyright lawyer works hard to provide protection for the work you put your heart and soul into.

  3. 3. Choreography

    The U.S. Copyright Act defines choreographic works as dances, mime performances and ballets that are presented for the entertainment of others.

  4. 4. Drawings

    Your copyright attorney provides legal protection for pictures, drawings, photographs, digital illusions and paintings that you create. These creations can be pictorial, graphic and sculptural works of art.

  5. 5. Movies

    This includes movies of any genre, live webcasts that you have recorded, slideshows or video podcasts that exist. Your copyright attorney works to ensure your artistic works are credited to you.

  6. 6. Recordings

    Sound recordings, whether it be songs, audio books, speeches, lectures or sound effects that you have created yourself cannot be reproduced or used without your knowledge.

  7. 7. Blueprints

    Architectural works that are your original designs may be protected by copyright laws. There are some exceptions to this type of work that an experienced copyright attorney understands.

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