Your guide to installing window treatments

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
4 Steps to Installing Window Treatments
  1. 1. Select with purpose

    If you want treatments that give you privacy or allow little draft and light through, opt for curtains that are lined. If the curtains are for decorative purposes, then you just go the other way.

  2. 2. Go with your mood

    A formal interior calls for fabrics such as heavy silk, velvet, colored sateen and silky rayon blends. Cotton and wool make for versatile curtains that work with both formal and casual décor.

  3. 3. Get proper placement

    It is a good idea to hire a carpenter to do the install for you. The standard is to hang them just above and outside the window molding. This gives curtains an elegant feel as it allows the fabric to flow down gracefully.

  4. 4. Stay stylish

    Take this opportunity to choose from selections that have already been narrowed down, and talk to your designer about what's best for your living space.

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