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Handyman services cover a wide range of small home projects such as repairs, installations, maintenance, furniture assembly, painting, cleaning and clearing. People who do this work may be individual contractors or may work as part of a handyman company. A variety of factors affect handyman fees, and most contractors give an estimate after seeing the project in person.

Flat rate

A "flat rate" for a job, such as hanging a ceiling lamp, has one set price regardless of how much time the job takes. Most contractors charge an hourly rate for nonstandard jobs. Here are examples of flat-rate pricing for standard services offered by Crab Handyman:

  • Attic ladder replacement: $150

  • Toilet replacement: $75

  • Ceiling fan and light fixtures: $75

  • Faucet replacement: $125

  • Garbage disposal: $75

Hourly rate

Hourly rates can vary depending on the technical skill required for a job. Crab Handyman has a higher hourly rate ($75–$80) for plumbing-related work than for patching a simple drywall crack ($50) because it takes a higher level of expertise. Clarify hourly rates for different home projects before work begins.


Travel time, mileage and gas can all affect handyman costs. Hours spent in traffic mean hours not working and that can translate to a higher total customer bill. If you live in a remote location that is hard to find or not close to other jobs, that can factor into pricing as well.

Materials needed

Job materials can be handled in several ways:

  • Contractor purchases and incorporates cost of goods into bill

  • Contractor purchases, incorporates cost of goods into bill and charges an hourly rate for shopping

  • Customer purchases materials

Often, a handyman will have universal supplies on hand, and many will not bill per hour for shopping time, as long as the supplies do not require going out of the way.

Company reputation

Workers compensation coverage; being licensed, insured and bonded; and having a website or company truck are all part of a structured business model. This structure means you and your home may be more protected in case of injury or accident, but it may also point to higher hourly or fixed rates because the company needs to account for this business overhead.

Cost-saving strategies

For hourly rate jobs, there is often a minimum charge. Even if the task takes 20 minutes, you are likely to be charged for a full hour because the contractor needs to account for getting to the site and making the project worth his or her while. Group smaller household jobs together to best capitalize on your handyman’s time and your financial output.

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Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you.