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How much does bed bug extermination cost?

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The average cost for a bed bug exterminator is $325. You are likely to spend between $180 and $580 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Bed bug extermination is available for homes, offices, multiunit properties and commercial spaces. Professionals can perform inspections, one-time removal or termination and recurring bed bug control services, as well as provide recommendations on preventive measures. Bed bug infestations can affect one bed in one room or an entire home or property. Extermination can take place whether a space is occupied or vacant. Several factors affect the cost of bed bug extermination.

Number of rooms

Exterminators often have a set rate they charge per room that includes extermination services for a light to moderate infestation and treatment of a standard amount of furniture. The more rooms that need treatment, the higher the overall cost. Alamo Pest Management in Fort Worth, Texas, generally charges $250 per 10x15-foot bedroom for a light to moderate infestation.


The more rampant the bed bug infestation, the higher the cost per room. The higher cost accounts for an increased amount of product needed as well as additional employee time on the job. Alamo Pest Management charges $300–$400 per bedroom with a standard amount of furniture and a heavy infestation, which is $50–$150 more than services for a light to moderate infestation. The company also provides "peace of mind" services for $200 per room where there is little to no bedbug activity, but the owners want the room treated as prevention.

Additional furniture

The more furniture in an infested room, the higher the cost. For example, Alamo Pest Management charges $50 per piece of additional furniture in a bedroom beyond the standard bed, two nightstands and dresser. Extra furniture might include a futon or second dresser. Each additional piece can add 30–60 minutes to the time it takes to treat a room and also requires more product.

Cleanliness and clutter

If a home is messy or has a lot of clutter, the rate per room will be higher. According to Alamo Pest Management, clutter creates more work in two ways: One, employees have to sort through and clear the room to get the area ready to be treated, which takes more work and time. Two, more product is needed to spray all of the excess clutter. Alamo Pest Management charges $450 per bedroom with a standard bedroom set, heavy infestation, and large amount of clutter or obstacles.

Construction of home

If an entire home is infested, it may be necessary to spray under the house, which would increase the overall cost of services. Homes with pier-and-beam construction can harbor bed bugs underneath, and pros can dry dust the area to terminate colonies there. Slab homes (homes without any space between the home and the foundation) don’t need this treatment. Alamo Pest Management charges a $50 minimum to dry dust under a pier-and-beam home.


Bed bug extermination companies may charge an hourly fee as opposed to a per room rate. Pest Solutions in Wappingers Falls, New York, for example, charges a base rate of $75 for 45 minutes of bedbug control services.

Free quotes

Because the factors involved in determining treatment are so complex, most bed bug extermination companies provide free, on-site quotes to give an accurate quote and treatment plan.

Pro tip:

  • Some providers offer a 100 percent guarantee, which may be good to look for if you have a bad infestation. For example, Steam Kill Bed Bugs in Little Falls, New Jersey, promises that their treatment will rid you of bed bugs, or they’ll return for free.

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Recent reviews


took care of our bedbug problem at am affordable price.

Bed Bug Solutions Cincinnati

Mark and Jen are absolutely wonderful!! They are a husband and wife team and arrived at my house together .They had no problem answering all my questions, believe me they are very knowledgeable . They are genuinely the nicest people you will have the pleasure of meeting !!They have a one year guarantee,and come back 2 -3 weeks later to recheck. The price is very reasonable, and quite frankly they are worth every penny!!

Steve's Termite & Pest Control

Regarding the awful bed bug: Please read :) I feel that it is important to relay my experience, in order to help others. When we first realized we had bed bugs, we were humiliated and embarrassed. We sought quotes from professionals, and were spooked by the pricing, which we originally thought was higher then we could afford. We chose to go down to the local Do-it-Yourself Pest Control to gain knowledge and understanding of these pests, and to purchase products. Our original outlay was approximately $130.00 in products, $40.00 in laundry, $30.00 in a box spring mattress protector, trash bag costs, and countless hours of labor. My boyfriend did most of hard labor (we live on a third floor, trips count!) and protected me from the fumes as best he could. We did two the three follow up treatments and thought we had it licked. About a month or so later, we were getting bit again, this time it was the couch. We think the cat poked holes in the mattress protector and bags we had under the bed. We called Scott, and although we were impressed with his professional nature and methods, the apartment complex offered to spray at no charge. We believed, this is how we could be saved from additional expenses! No, no! We had to dump the box spring, dressers near the bed, wicker baskets from Pier One, etc, and the couch (cost truck rental, dump fees approx $170). We had to get a storage unit to store all the bags of miscellaneous items and extra clothing. We will keep items there during the Florida heat summer in order to hopefully kill any remaining bugs or eggs (storage unit cost for 3-4 months approximately $400). The apartment complex sprayed twice, leaving noxious fumes with out regard for our health. We stayed at a hotel for two nights for the first treatment, bringing the cat (cost cat approx $250), and boarded the cat for one night (cost with shots $45) for the second treatment. All this with more bags, more laundry, more trips to storage, more fumes to breathe and to fear. We have been living on lawn chairs in the living room and our limited remaining clothing has been on living room shelving for at least two weeks and it will likely remain until we move out of the apartment in a month (moving expenses...?). I cannot express enough the disruption, stress, and expense that this has caused my little family (cat included). We haven't recovered enough to repurchase furniture yet. We will need a couch, accent chair, dressers, coffee table, misc items. "If I could turn back time" I would have used Scott's one time treatment. I'm confident this would have cost us less money, time, energy, and stress in the long run. Scott has been a kind and attentive professional, listening to my concerns and answering my questions, even though we did not hire him. In my various and numerous google hours I have seen numerous references to the effectiveness of the UF's approved method Scott's company uses. The quoted price really wasn't that bad, even before my more current understanding. The fact is, bed bugs are expensive. Buying the mattress protectors before hand it really the only was to keep the expenses of this problem to a minimum. Best of luck with your problem!