How much will your fireplace and chimney cleaning or repair cost?

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How much do chimney repairs cost?

Fireplace and chimney repairs typically cost anywhere from $99 to $1,339. However, some repairs may cost several thousand dollars. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size and type of repairs you need. For example, you may need a chimney or masonry professional to fix your chimney cap, crown, flue, liner or other elements that make up the chimney. If there is severe structural damage (such as a leaning chimney), your costs will likely be higher.

Other factors such as the size of the chimney, your location and the type of materials used will also affect how much you'll pay for repairs. If you're a homeowner, keep reading to learn more about chimney repairs and how to get cost estimates from masonry and chimney repair companies near you.

What’s in this cost guide?

Fireplace and chimney repair cost factors

There are many elements that make up your chimney, including the flue, crown, lining, flashing and more — all of which will impact the prices pros charge. There could be obvious chimney damage that will be easy to identify and fix such as a broken chimney crown, cap or flue. But other repairs may entail more labor and costs, especially if the masonry damage is extensive. And for larger jobs (such as tuckpointing), the contractor may give you a square foot price.

Here are a few cost estimates to help you gauge how much you can expect to spend on chimney repairs.

Chimney crown repair cost

The chimney crown is typically constructed from a mortar mix and is located at the top of a masonry chimney. It seals the top of the chimney from the edge to the flue liner. A chimney crown helps prevent erosion by directing water run-off away from the chimney. 

Unfortunately, weather exposure can cause small cracks or chips in the crown. Luckily, a contractor can reseal or replace the crown, ensuring it’s formed with a cement mixture that can withstand the elements. Depending on the extent of damage, chimney crown repairs may cost around $1,000¹.

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Chimney lining repair cost

The chimney liner protects your home and chimney walls from heat damage, and prevents any harmful gases from invading your living areas. However, these liners can erode or crack and may need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on which type of liner you choose (metal, clay tiles or cast-in-place), relining a chimney may cost approximately $2,500 and $5,000².

Chimney flashing repair cost

Flashing is the metal layer that creates a seal between the edge of your chimney and the roof. This seal helps prevent water from leaking into your home’s interior and damaging your chimney. Hiring a contractor to repair the flashing can cost several hundred dollars.

Tuckpointing cost

“Tuckpointing” is a process that involves removing and replacing the worn-out mortar joints between the bricks. Tuckpointing prevents the eventual collapse of a brick fireplace or chimney by renewing its structural integrity. It also protects the interior of a fireplace system by preventing leaks that result from gaps in the mortar. Tuckpointing also has aesthetic benefits, providing a more uniform front to the chimney. 

Brothers Building Maintenance in Hanover Park, Illinois, charges approximately $600, including one day of labor, to remove ¼ to ½ inch of mortar joints on 150 to 200 bricks.

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Rebuilding costs

When a chimney has lost its structural integrity because of crumbling brick, deteriorated mortar joints or other issues, it may be time to rebuild it. This is the most costly repair because the pros have to deconstruct the old chimney and rebuild it entirely.

Chimney repair pros will use sledgehammers, jackhammers and other handheld tools to tear down the existing chimney and haul away old materials. They will then construct a new chimney using mortar and brick, and form the chimney crown using concrete. 

The larger the chimney and the higher the roof, the greater the cost. Brothers Building Maintenance charges $2,700 for a 300-brick rebuild, with a new chimney crown and cap.

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When should a chimney be replaced?

Your chimney's structural integrity is extremely important. If there’s crumbling brick, deteriorating mortar joints or the structure is visibly leaning, homeowners should hire a contractor to inspect their chimney as soon as possible. 

If the damage is too far gone to repair, the best and safest option may be to replace or rebuild the chimney altogether.

How to hire a fireplace and chimney repair pro

To find a fireplace and chimney repair company in your area, start your research online. Look at their profiles and websites, read past customer reviews, and ask about their experience and license. States may have varying licenses and qualifications  the chimney or masonry contractor might need, so find out if they have all the proper requirements in your local area. You can also ask about certifications. For example, find out if they’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

Before hiring a pro, also ask for a free estimate of the work and compare that cost estimate with other pros’ prices. Explain to the pros what repairs you think you need. To provide an accurate estimate, the pros may need to visit your home and inspect the chimney in person.

You should also consider asking a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney — especially if you're overdue for an annual chimney inspection and cleaning.

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Every homeowner should stay on top of fireplace and chimney maintenance. Annual inspections and chimney sweeps can help prevent fires, toxic gases and keep your family safe and warm throughout the year.

If you see any structural damage or believe you need repairs, start searching for a chimney repair pro on Thumbtack today. Even if you don't think anything is broken, it doesn't hurt to have a pro inspect your chimney crown, flue, cap and flashing, and to look for issues in the masonry.

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How long should a chimney last?

Here are the estimated lifespans for certain chimney elements, according to the International Association of Home Inspectors:

  • Concrete chimney cap: 100+ years
  • Metal chimney cap: 10-20 years
  • Mortar chimney cap: 15 years
  • Flue tile: 40-120 years

Is a cracked chimney dangerous?

Cracks in the brick, masonry and mortar can be dangerous if not repaired. Cracks can allow water and moisture to creep in and cause damage to the chimney itself and your home. Masonry chimney fires can also cause cracks in tiles and displace mortar, which can then create “a pathway for flames to reach the combustible wood frame of the house,” according to the CSIA.

How long does a chimney waterproofing last?

Waterproofing products are specially developed for use on chimneys and have warranties that last five to 10 years, according to the CSIA.

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