How much do cooking classes cost?

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The average cost for a cooking instructor is $90. You are likely to spend between $45 and $180 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Private cooking lessons are available for every type of cuisine. A chef teaches an individual or group how to prepare a meal and also provides all of the ingredients, cooking tools and clean up after the event. Cooking lessons can be tailored to dietary restrictions and are often sought out for team-building events, special gifts, health reasons, private parties and personal enrichment. Common lesson requests include soups and sauces, knife skills, roasting and braising, basic cooking, bread-baking and dessert-making. Several factors contribute to the costs of cooking lessons.

Number of people

Chefs often charge per person for cooking classes, with varying rates depending on the food to be served. A per person charge covers the cost of the ingredients to cook enough food for each participant. Typically the cost per head also includes all fees associated with the activity, but be sure to clarify with your instructor whether any additional fees apply, such as for travel.

Type of cuisine

The price of ingredients affects the cost of the cooking lessons. In addition to paying for the chef’s time, the cost of the lessons covers purchasing the food. The fancier the food, the higher the cost of the cooking class. Here is a sampling of general prices for different types of cooking lessons from LK Culinary:

  • Brunch workshop: $70 per person

  • Steak with several sides: $80–$85 per person

  • Sushi, including a variety of sushi-grade fresh fish: $100 per person

Day of week

Weekends typically have higher demand for a cooking instructor’s services, which can mean increased costs for lessons on Saturdays and Sundays and lower costs for weekday lessons.

Minimum fee

Some chefs and cooking instructors require a minimum charge for their time, while others may not have a limit. LK Culinary asks for the following minimums:

  • Weekday group cooking lessons: $600

  • Weekend group cooking lessons: $1,000

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Recent reviews

Rosemary and Thyme Catering

I love taking cooking classes and attend various classes at least once month. Naturally I find a lot of classes online and make my decisions based on reviews. I normally attend large group sessions (10+) and have always enjoyed the experience. I recently found Rosemary and Thyme online and at first I was sceptical because the class was at a private home and restricted to 7 people. I have to say this was the best decisIon I made and enjoyed every moment with Jeff. The difference with this class is with a smaller group we all had the opportunity to try out techniques and skills taught by Jeff. We had an incredible experience preparing, cooking and having fun with Jeff and I am already planning future sessions. The best take away I got was not the food or recipes but the tips and tricks Jeff shared with us all to prepare meals not only more efficiently but also how to make it less of a chore and more fun to be in the kitchen....

Spechtacular Sensations

I hired Barbara to come to my home and help me cook a weekly meal plan for me to eat throughout the week. Barbara prepared a thorough meal plan in advance and provided a compete shopping list for me to prepare the food type of my choice. Barbara worked with my schedule and was always on-time. I wanted to learn how to cook everything and participated in the food preparation. She was an excellent teacher to show me how to properly prepare the food. The included proper & thorough precautions to avoid food contamination. Barbara helped me plan health meals but yet new, out of the ordinary type of dishes which all were excellent. I've been enjoying these healthy dishes for several weeks now and will continue to use Barbara in the future to assist and teach me with my meal planning and preparation. I've never eaten so good. The pricing was very reasonable for the amount of time Barbara put into the planning, preparation, travel to my home and amount of time spent preparing meals. Barbara is very professional and has excellent cooking/baking skills. I would highly recommend Barbara for your food/desert requirements.

John's Culinary Jungle

Chef John provided us with a fun evening. He corrected some of our faulty knife skills and provided us with recipes I will make in the future. It was very comfortable to have him come to our place - he cooked, served and cleaned up. He will be a good resource for later family gatherings. Cost was very reasonable and affordable - fun way to spend an evening.