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Adding a shed is one way to expand a residential or commercial space. Sheds have traditionally been used to store items such as gardening tools, lawn mowing equipment, other tools, bikes and outdoor toys, as well as for use as auxiliary home storage. But sheds can be so much more, such as a man cave, workshop or private backyard office. Sheds can have wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl siding. A shed can be a simple bare structure or it can have electrical wiring and plumbing. Added windows provide natural light, and drywall and insulation keep out the cold. A shed addition can even be designed to match the style of a house for a cohesive look. Various factors affect the cost of building a new shed.

Price per square foot

Most construction projects can be boiled down to a square-foot cost. Contractors calculate the labor required and materials needed, plus their business overhead and other factors such as travel to determine the cost per square foot of the project. The specifications of a shed project determine this cost. A variety of factors affect how much (and what type of) labor is needed and what type of materials are required.

Here’s how GFC Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina, breaks down costs per square foot, followed by a few project examples:

  • New shed construction: $17–$24 per square foot

  • Variables include the following:

    • Type of foundation: stacked blocks, concrete footers or a slab

    • Number of windows or doors

    • Electrical wiring

    • Type of siding: wood, vinyl or metal

    • Type of venting: Individual wall vents or continuous soffit vents

    • Type of roof structure: Gable or barn-style, done in shingles or metal

    • Slope of the yard (Yards with a greater slope cost more to build on because the job requires more leveling and foundation work.)

8x12-square-foot shed: $2,050

  • $1,150 materials + $900 labor for a wood-framed shed on 4x4 runners laid on top of stacked block

  • The shed was sided and roofed with galvalume metal panels, soffit vents, one window and one door.
  • The shed had a finely finished commercial style gray trim.

12x28-square-foot shed: $8,200

  • $4,700 labor + $3,500 materials for a wood-framed shed on concrete footers with a 2x8 floor system, wood siding, barn-style roof, two windows, a metal entry door on one end and double-hinged barn doors on the other end
  • The shed had a shingle roof to match the adjacent home and a lean-to with a metal roof attached to the back.
  • The shed had an electrical system to supply power to a refrigerator, lights, power receptacles and a window AC unit.
  • The shed was painted blue with white trim and looked like a tiny house from the front. Here’s another project example of a shed built by Nathan Laurenson of Renovations Your Way in Slidell, Louisiana:

15x30-square-foot shed: $15,000, including labor and materials

  • This was a two-story shed built on a concrete slab.
  • The shed had two doors, HardiePlank siding, plumbing and electric, and four windows.
  • The shed was built behind a double duplex building
  • The ground floor was a set up as a washroom and the second story was attic space.
  • This job took four builders, working for nine full days.

Pre-fab shed assembly

Some homeowners prefer to buy a prefabricated shed kit in lieu of constructing a custom shed. These kits contain everything needed to put the shed together, including the roof, siding and framing. In these cases, costs depend on the cost of the kit and the cost of labor for assembling the kit. Here is an example:

GFC Restoration, 8x10 shed kit: $2,900

  • $1,400 for the shed kit + $250 for additional shingles and hinges + $1,250 for labor
  • This wood-framed shed had wood siding, one window, double-hinged barn doors, a single-sloped shingled roof
  • The shed was built on 4x4 runners on a stacked-block foundation.
  • The shed was painted gray with white trim and had a transom window over the double doors on the front. The doors were painted to match the trim.
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