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Oct 3

Roymer was very professional and installed my dishwasher efficiently. After he installed…


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Aug 17

Awesome service! Isaik was helpful in answering questions and providing feedback on other…


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Jun 10

The team that did the install for Best Buy was great. They had install dates and times…


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How much does dishwasher installation cost?

Many businesses that sell dishwashers also contract with professionals to install them, but people can also hire a professional directly to install the appliance. The cost to install a dishwasher may include the purchase price of the appliance, delivery and installation labor charges, plumbing and electrical work, and sometimes counter or cabinetry work to enable installation.


The bulk of the cost of a new dishwasher is usually the appliance itself. Average dishwashers run from $350 to $700, although top-end models can cost three times as much. A variety of top-control, front-control, built-in and portable models are available. The more features and capacity a dishwasher has and the quieter it runs, the more it is likely to cost.

Delivery and installation

Most brick-and-mortar appliance retailers—and even some online retailers—include delivery and installation services as well as the removal of an old dishwasher in the cost of a new dishwasher. Some retailers charge a nominal fee for delivery and installation. If delivery and installation is not included, most professional plumbers or handy people can do the job, and they typically at least $100. Most installation professionals work on an hourly basis and some charge a minimum service fee.

Plumbing and electrical

If the plumbing or electrical hookups for a new dishwasher are not available, not up to date or not conveniently located, costs will increase significantly because a plumber or electrician will need to do the work. Most plumbers and electricians charge an hourly rate. Self-heating dishwashers require a special electrical circuit, which can run up the price of installation—as well as energy consumption—significantly.

Counters and cabinetry

Installing a dishwasher isn’t just about the appliance itself; it’s also about where the appliance will be located. When adding built-in models to homes that don’t already have dishwashers, homeowners need to carve out space in their kitchen to accommodate the new appliance. In most cases, this task requires a kitchen remodeling expert, carpenter or other professional to adjust existing counters and cabinetry and create space for the new dishwasher. In some cases, installation pros can perform this work.

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