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How much does a dog groomer cost?

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The average cost for a dog groomer is $80. You are likely to spend between $50 and $120 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Dog grooming includes all manner of dog hygiene and care. Dog grooming is available for dogs of every breed, size and age, as well as those with anxiety, aggression and old age. Frequent requests for services include bath and brush, overall hair trim, complete shave, ear trim, tail trim, nail trim, toothbrushing, dematting, flea and tick removal, gland expression, and deshedding treatments. Several factors affect the cost of dog grooming services.

Breed size

Larger dogs or dogs with difficult fur may cost more for bathing and grooming services than other dogs, while smaller dogs cost less per service. For example, San Francisco Bay Area-based Bliss Bound Hound offers the BlissTotal dog grooming package for $130, which includes up to four hours of dog grooming services such as teeth, nails, ears, gland expression, hair cut and wash. For dogs that require more than four hours of grooming, such as English sheepdogs, dreadlocked komondors or shih tzus who need show dog cuts, each additional hour costs $40. On the other end of the spectrum, Bliss Bound Hound offers a 20 percent discount on the BlissTotal package for smaller breeds requiring less work.


Groomers may charge additional fees if a dog has aggression issues or needs special care to ensure groomer safety.


Prices may increase for mobile dog grooming services or if the groomer picks up the dog from a client’s house and drops it back off as part of the service.


Bigger cities and areas with a higher cost of living generally have higher rates for dog grooming services.

Service packages

Most dog groomers offer a la carte care services or bundled packages that result in a lower cost per service. Bliss Bound Hound offers the following a la carte and package pricing—note that all of their prices include pickup and drop off:

  • Nails: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • Toothbrushing: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • Tooth scraping (removal of plaque from teeth to prevent infection), with anesthesia: $600

  • Tooth scraping, without anesthesia: $400.

  • Wash and dry: $60

  • Ears: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • BlissTotal: $130—includes wash, nails, teeth, ears, gland expression and hair cut


Many dog groomers reward loyal customers with discounts when they purchase services regularly. A dog wash that costs $60 as an individual service might cost $55 for a monthly customer who has an ongoing appointment.

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Charming young woman. Could see inside a large glass window during the process, if I chose. Fast, efficient, and pleasant....worth the cost...highly recommend!

After Hours Pet Salon and Spa. (Guptons. )

After Hours Pet Salon & Spa is run by very caring & professional individuals! Drop off times are recommend but I stopped by there on a Saturday to visit this business for the 1st time! I had my Cocker Spaniel, Baxter, with me & luckily I got him in for the afternoon! Beth Smith was the groomer that I had talked to & she was very up front about the services that were required & cost! The prices were very reasonable! I could tell that she loved her job & was very caring, especially when I dropped my puppy off for his 1st grooming experience! Also her credentials are very well stated, especially on her business card that I received! Anyway bathing, ears cleaned, grooming, toe nails trimmed, amongst other things, were all included in the cost! There are other special services & cost that were explained but there were not necessary for my puppy on this trip! They notified me when he was finished & he seemed in pretty good spirits when I picked him up! Everything was done as discussed & he looked fantastic! I have definitely found my personal groomer for Baxter! I would recommend Beth to anyone looking for a personal groomer of their own! You will not be disappointed!

The Happy Dog LLC - Mobile Pet Grooming

I have used The Happy Dog three times now for my Maltipoo puppy, and while there were things I liked about them, I am searching for a new groomer. Pros: Being able to schedule appointments online; they have a lot of time slots available much sooner than other mobile groomers; their grooming services start at a lower price than other mobile groomers; the groomers were very friendly, and I felt very comfortable handing my puppy off to them Cons: not charged the same amount quoted and not informed that the price would be more until after they were done instead of before they started like their website states; quotes given do not match the prices on their website; I asked the groomers to cut his head round each time, but only one out of three of them even came close to round, and the hair was cut unevenly the last time; apparently you have to pay $15 extra to get the head cut round which puts the total price out of my price range