How much will your gutter installation or replacement cost?

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How much do gutter guards cost?

On average, a gutter guards cost $1.50-$10 per linear foot to install. LeafGuard costs can vary depending on your home's size, where you live and other factors. For an accurate estimate, reach out to local gutter guard installation professionals.

Adding gutter and leaf guards to your home’s gutter system is a great way to improve its overall efficiency. Gutter guards can also reduce how often you need to clean your gutters — which in turn lowers your gutter cleaning costs. Several factors affect the cost of gutter guard installation. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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How much do gutter guards cost?

One of the biggest factors that impacts On average, gutter guards installation costs range from $1.50-$10 per linear foot.

Linear feet Estimated starting cost Mid-range cost High-end cost
25 $38 $144 $250
50 $75 $288 $500
75 $113 $431 $750
100 $150 $575 $1,000
125 $188 $719 $1,250
150 $225 $863 $1,500
200 $300 $1,150 $2,000
225 $338  $1,294 $2,250
250 $375 $1,438 $2,500

How much does LeafGuard cost per foot?

LeafGuard costs can vary depending on several factors. For the most accurate price quotes, contact a pro.

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How expensive is LeafFilter?

Contact a pro near you to find out how much it LeafFilter costs.

Gutter and leaf guard cost factors

In addition to home size and linear feet, here are the main factors that will impact the cost to install gutter guards on your home.

Types of gutter guards

There are many different types of gutter guards you can choose from. If you're stuck, professional installers can offer advice on what type is best for a particular geographic region and your budget.

For example, Cliff Morris of Gutters Installed & Construction in Atlanta, Georgia, recommends and sells metal mesh gutter guards that snap on to the gutter’s edge close to the edge of the eave.

Here's a quick rundown of the various types available and the estimated materials costs:

Type Description & examples Estimated cost per linear foot
Metal mesh gutter guards Curved rust-resistant aluminum mesh. Ex: E-Z Gutter Guards $0.80
Foam gutter guards Fills gutters to block leaves but allow water passage. Ex: GutterStuff $1.00
Nylon gutter guards Convex, curved guard. Ex: Flo-Free $2.50
Bottle brush gutter guards Cylindrical brushes $3.00

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Gutter cleaning

Morris always cleans out gutters before installing guards. But if the gutters are especially full or in need of deep cleaning, it will add to the cost. Find out from your pro if they will charge you for gutter cleaning services if your gutters are heavily clogged.

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Gutter location

Second- or third-story gutters, unstable terrain and hard-to-reach locations can all have an affect on the cost of installing gutter guards. Morris charges extra when crews need to work on top of tall ladders. If a building is tall enough or situated in such a way that scaffolding or a basket lift is necessary for the installers to reach the gutters, the overall project fee will reflect those extra costs.

If an installer must work from a rooftop with a steep pitch, it could cost up to $250 more. Morris says the guards he most often installs clip onto the gutters and can be installed from ladders, so his crew can avoid the added risk of scaling a roof.

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Additional height required

If an installer must rent and set up scaffolding to reach the highest points of the roof for gutter guard installation, the cost can increase by a few hundred dollars, depending on how much scaffolding is required and how long it takes to set up and take down.

If a basket lift is required, which is more common for taller commercial installation jobs, the cost is likely to be an additional $250-$300 to cover the daily rental cost.

Downspout screens

Downspout screens redirect floating debris away from the downspout opening and allow water to head into the drain immediately. Adding these increase overall gutter guard installation costs by $5-$7 for each screen plus the additional labor required.

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Gutter guard cost examples

Morris installs and repairs gutters and leaf guards and handles a variety of construction and remodeling jobs. He says LeafGuards offer an enormous advantage by helping keep gutters free of leaves, pine needles, acorns and other organic debris. Morris offers gutter guard installation starting at $5-$6 per linear foot for standard guards.

Upgraded guards that carry a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and help keep pine needles out of gutters specifically cost $7-$8 a linear foot. If a building is more than three stories high, some contractors will charge more because the height requires crews to do more of the work from very tall ladders—or in some cases on scaffolding or in a basket lift, which also incurs additional costs. Morris estimates that the cost to install guards on a 1,500-square-foot home is about $1,000-$1,600.

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What is the best gutter guard system on the market?

The best gutter guard system for your home will depend on your budget and specific needs. Some of the most well-known brands on the market for gutter guard systems include: 

  • All American Gutter Protection
  • Amerimax
  • A-M Gutter Guards
  • GutterBrush
  • Gutterglove
  • Gutter Guards America
  • GutterStuff
  • LeafGuard
  • LeafFilter
  • Raptor
  • Superior Gutter Guards
  • Thermwell

Before you choose a gutter guard system, do your research. Read customer reviews, compare prices and ask a pro for their opinion before they install your new gutter guards.

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Is LeafGuard the same as LeafFilter?

LeafGuards is not exactly the same as LeafFilter. LeafFilter belongs to the Leaf Home Solutions brand, which also owns the Leaf Home Safety Solutions brand.

Is LeafGuard worth the money?

Installing a gutter guard system — whether you choose LeafGuard, LeafFilter or any other brand — can be worth the money. Gutter guards protect your home and preventing leaves, twigs and debris from clogging your gutters. This can help you save time and money on gutter cleaning. But note: you can reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning with gutter guards, but you won't be able to eliminate cleaning completely from your maintenance schedule.

And by keeping your gutters clear of debris, water will be able to flow away from your home. This helps prevent foundation damage, flooding in and around your home, mold growth and much more.

How do we know these prices?

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