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Gutter repair service providers will come to your home to assess, repair or replace malfunctioning or broken exterior gutters and downspouts. Common issues that may require repairs include clogged, sagging, dented, broken or disconnected gutters or downspouts, rust and corrosion, and holes or leaks. The average cost nationwide for gutter repair is between $75 and $230.

Length of gutters

Gutter repair service providers often base their pricing on linear foot of gutter and downspout material to be worked on or replaced. Dane Sauvola, owner of Legacy Gutter Solutions, says the condition and type of existing gutters factor to his pricing in as well. Kerry Hafner of Midwest Gutter charges by the linear foot for new gutter material (about $5 per linear foot for aluminum) plus the cost of hourly labor. He has a minimum charge of of $100–$150, depending on the job. In almost all cases, Hafner provides an estimate for a flat project rate that factors in the materials and labor costs.

Seamless or sectional

Traditional sectional gutters are made up of lengths of horizontal gutter fitted together and attached to a building’s eaves, with vertical downspouts that carry water to the ground. Seamless gutters are made of a single piece of material, typically aluminum, and installed as one single piece, then downspouts are attached. If a seamless gutter needs to be repaired, the service provider will likely have to repair it in place because of how they are constructed. Gutters by Boss specializes in installing seamless aluminum gutters. Some gutter specialists believe that seamless gutters are more durable and reliable than traditional ones.

Property height/number of stories

The taller the building, the more expensive repairs might be. These jobs require taller ladders and people who have experience making external home repairs from a ladder. It’s a idea to hire licensed, bonded and insured contractors for these repairs, which with protect both the contractor and the customer should an injury occur during the project. Dunbar Group of Georgia owner Phil Dunbar is a licensed contractor who has worked in construction since 1985 and specialized in roofs and gutters since 2009. He also has Haag certification, which means he is licensed to inspect damaged roofs for the purposes of determining whether property insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

Gutter material

Aluminum is by far the most common gutter material, whether it’s seamless or traditional sectional guttering. Sometimes gutters are made of vinyl (which is technically PVC plastic) and galvanized steel, though steel gutters are more common on commercial buildings than homes. Many contractors advise against vinyl gutters because some are cheaply made and can get brittle with age. Gutter material affects the repair cost, especially if entire sections have to be replaced. Copper gutters are quite a bit more expensive than aluminum, running upwards of $25 per linear foot, compared with $5 for aluminum.

Surrounding surfaces

Gutter systems have surfaces surrounding them that may affect the cost of the repair. For example, wooden fascia boards and soffits are subject to water damage if gutters are not carrying water away from the exterior of the home as they should be. Gutter contractors can repair these kinds of issues as part of a gutter repair project for an additional fee to cover the additional labor and materials.


Many gutter installation service providers say keeping your gutters free of debris is one of the best ways to avoid the need to make repairs. Michael O’Donnell specializes in gutter cleaning and maintenance but can make repairs or install leaf protection to avoid buildup and keep gutters in working order. Daniel Ramos of Gutter Master can install gutter guards that help prevent debris from building up in gutters and downspouts.

Warranty on materials and workmanship

Ask about workmanship guarantees and, if you’re having new gutters installed, a materials warranty on the gutters themselves. The gutters that Gutters by Boss specializes in are made by Senox and carry a 50-year warranty. Gutters by Boss and Gutter Master both offer a 5-year workmanship guarantee. Depending on the project, Midwest Gutter offers a guarantee on workmanship of up to 15 years.

Cost-saving strategies

Homeowners can often avoid large repair projects related to water damage if they make sure to walk around the exterior of their home during the first big rainstorm of each year to see if there are any areas where the gutters are not carrying water away from the home’s surface and into the downspouts.

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