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Hair professionals offer styling services for individuals or groups—for bachelorette or bridal parties, for example. People get their hair professionally styled for special events, parties, weddings or just as routine care. As routine care, pros also offer hair-cutting and coloring services. Coloring services include enhancing color, adding highlights or lowlights, covering grey hair. Professional stylists can also add hair extensions to create volume or length, and many pros offer additional beauty services, such as makeup, along with hairstyling. Costs depend largely on what service is requested.


Updos are formal hairstyles, such as chignons, French twists or pin curls, for events, parties and other special days. Some hairstylists charge a set rate for formal updos. Prices can be higher for longer hair, thicker hair and other factors such as the addition of extensions. Suvdaa in Los Angeles, California, charges the following for updos:

  • Standard updo: $120

  • Updos for extra thick or extra long hair: $130–$140

  • Updos with intricate braiding or detail: $150–$160


A professional "blowout" is typically for hair with some length. It can result in straight, wavy or textured hair, depending on the client’s desired outcome. A blowout generally includes a professional shampoo and conditioning first and hairstyling (hair down) after. Suvdaa charges an $85 starting price for a blowout. Prices increase for extra thick or long hair, and Suvdaa adds $10 for each braid added during the styling phase.


Extensions are either faux or natural hair inserts that create additional volume in a temporary hairstyle or are woven into existing hair to create a semi-permanent look. The costs for extensions vary based on what they are made of (human hair extensions typically cost more than synthetic extensions), how they are attached (woven-in extensions typically cost more than clipped-in), whether customers provide the extensions or the stylist does, and how many extensions are used. Below are a couple pricing examples. These figures do not include the price of the hair extensions themselves—just the service of weaving them in.

  • iMagic Beauty from Elk Grove, California

    • Application of extension clip: $20

    • Full head weave of hair extensions: $175
  • Suvdaa

    • Application of clip-in extensions to either an updo or blowout hairstyle: $10–$20

Haircuts and color

The cost of haircuts, color and highlights varies depending on the stylist’s experience, geographic location, the stylist’s reputation and more. Pricing for haircuts can range anywhere from $35–$150 or more. Hair coloring services range in price from $65 to $200 or more, depending on the products used and the stylist’s reputation.

Bridal hair

Hair professionals often provide styling services for brides and bridal parties. Bridal hair is often more expensive than an updo because of the formality of the event. Hairstylists often give discounts to clients who bundle hair and makeup services. Here are some examples of bridal hair pricing:

  • Beautification Transformation in Chicago, Illinois

    • Girls under 12: $25

    • Mother of the bride or groom hairstyling: $55

    • Bridal attendant hair: $75

    • Bridal hair: $95
  • iMagic Beauty

    • Bridal hair: $200

    • Bridal hair and makeup, including lashes: $300


Hairstylists may offer group discounts when there are multiple people at one location receiving hairstyling services—such as girls night out or bachelorette parties. Discounts may result in an overall price reduction per service for each person, or be a waived travel fee.

  • 10 percent: Total group discount when there are 3 or more clients at one location from Suvdaa.

    • Travel fee may be waived in lieu of 10 percent discount if the location is outside Suvdaa’s standard service range.

Beauty add-ons

Many hairstylists offer additional beauty services in conjunction with hairstyling. The total cost for services increases as more beauty options are selected. Beautification Transformation charges the following for beauty add-ons:

  • Lip wax: $15

  • Eyebrow shaping: $20

  • Strip eyelash application: $20

  • Custom spray tan: $75 $75

Travel fee

Some hairstylists charge a travel fee to provide services on location. The fee depends on the region, traffic and distance. Some hairstylists have a standard service area and only apply a fee if they must travel outside that range. For example, Suvdaa charges $1 per mile beyond her five-mile service range.

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