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How much does a wardrobe consultant cost?

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The average cost for a wardrobe consultant is $80/hr. You are likely to spend between $55 and $120 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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People of any age or gender can hire a wardrobe consultant to help them develop a new look, gain more self confidence, adjust after a change in clothing size, when job hunting or to improve their professional image. Wardrobe consultants can provide a complete closet audit and overhaul; image assessment; color advice; or personal shopping for a special outfit, several new pieces or an entire new wardrobe. Clients often seek help with work clothes, weekend wear and cocktail or dinner party attire. Several factors affect the cost of wardrobe consulting services.

Hourly rate

Most wardrobe consultants charge an hourly rate for short-term projects or add-on assistance to a larger flat-rate project that they are undertaking with a client. Some wardrobe consultants may operate solely on an hourly basis and provide all services such as closet editing and personal styling at that rate. Hourly rates can be fixed, regardless of the task, or they may vary according to the project. Here are a few examples:


Most wardrobe consultations are a multistep process. The level of assistance the client desires from the consultant directly affects the cost of services. Essentially, the more hours the consultant dedicates to the client, the higher the cost. Often, clients spend more money upfront for a package price but save per hour over time rather paying an hourly rate in smaller increments. Packages can include everything from closet decluttering to personal shopping. Here are a couple examples of package pricing:

Orene Kearn Image & Wardrobe Consulting:

  • One-hour image assessment and wardrobe building plan: $89, a $10 savings over the standard hourly consulting rate

  • Four-hour package that includes a closet audit, outfit planning and shopping game plan: $320, a $76 savings over the standard hourly consulting rate

  • Eight-hour package that includes all of the above, plus personal shopping services: $640, a savings of $152 over the hourly rate

Katelyn Milley, Personal Stylist:

  • Three-hour package that includes image assessment and color analysis: $500

Additional services

Beyond fashion advice, some wardrobe consultants offer complementary services that integrate with their image work. For example, Katelyn Milley, Personal Stylist offers beauty consulting services in addition to fashion:

  • Beauty product shopping and guidance at the cosmetics counters: $85 per hour

  • Two-hour assessment and consulting on haircuts, hair color, skin care and beauty/makeup options: $250

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Recent reviews

Phoenix Personal Shopper

I really enjoyed the experience, it was completely stress-free. She brought a rack of clothes to my house and really helped me find what fit me and my style best. I feel like I saved as much money on the deals she was able to find, that it was worth the cost of paying a professional to find them for me. If I had tried to purchase those clothes myself it would have taken me hours, and I would have paid twice as much or more for each item.

Kristen Blake Style

Easy to work with. She came to me, took time to learn what I liked and what I didn't. Spent time learning about all aspects of work and casual life. Then didn't spend any time trying to change me at all-- just expanded my wardrobe and convinced me to get rid of some things I had held on to irrationally. After first consultation, I agreed with all of her purchases-- they were fashionable and she pays attention to cost and value as well. Way better than I could have done myself. Ever. Great communication. Made things easy. Will definitely be holding on to her.

Style Your Life

Jennifer is fantastic! We started with a wardrobe/closet edit that enabled me to part with SO many things I had been hanging onto without wearing. I had tried this process unsuccessfully on my own, but with Jennifer's patience and direction I was able to more objectively see what worked and what didn't. She put outfits together using the remaining wardrobe pieces, photographing them for future reference. Although working efficiently, Jennifer never made me feel rushed or pushed into a decision. She valued my input and gave me insights and guidelines that helped during the edit and that have been valuable since. During a shopping trip with Jennifer, I was able to find key wardrobe pieces that fit my lifestyle. Although I now feel more confident, I can't wait for another session with Jennifer, as it's not only helpful -- it's fun and cost-effective. I will recoup some of my investment from resale, and I believe I will no longer waste money on the purchase of things that go unworn.