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Multiservice lawn care can include mowing, trimming and edging, leaf clean up, tree or shrub trimming, weeding and weed prevention, fertilizer application, seeding or overseeding, insect control, and aeration. Multiservice lawn care is available for private homes, businesses and other types of properties. Many lawn care professionals prefer to give in-person estimates rather than advertising set prices because multiple factors can affect the cost of services.

Square footage

Many lawn care companies base their costs on the square footage of the lawn or area to be treated as a way to account for the cost of fertilizers, equipment and employee labor. The more services requested in a single visit and the larger the square footage, the higher the overall cost.

Fertilization and weed control

Lawn care pros can be hired to apply fertilizer, remove existing weeds and spray to prevent future weeds on either a one-time or ongoing basis. Costs are typically based on square footage of the treatment area, and as the square footage goes up, the cost per square foot goes down. For example, for fertilization and weed control, here’s what HortiCare in Fort Worth, Texas, charges:

  • For lawns that are 5,000–7,000 square feet (about ⅛ of an acre): $49

  • For lawns that are 44,000 square feet (around 1 acre): $175

Seeding and overseeding

Seeding refers to the job of depositing grass seed over barren or patchy land to create a lawn. Overseeding is when seed is applied over an existing lawn to help improve its appearance or health. The cost of seeding and overseeding include the cost for the seed product, labor of the professional doing the seeding and any prep work such as aeration or fertilization.

Insect control

Insect control includes helping control, eliminate or prevent an insect infestation. Costs include the cost of insecticide, employee labor and overhead costs such as equipment. HortiCare charges time and a half of their standard lawn care service price ($49) for insect control. Here are examples of their insect control pricing for an approximately ⅛-acre lot:

  • For elimination of common insects such as planting-eating chinches: $75.

  • For mosquito control: $150. This services costs more because they spray everything, including the exterior of the house, pavement, etc., thereby using more product than when solely spraying the lawn and plants.


The time and transportation costs associated with travel outside a prescribed service region also affect the costs for multiservice lawn care. Many lawn care professionals will not charge a service call fee if they are already in the area. For example, HortiCare has a 40-mile service radius. For service calls or evaluations outside of their service range they typically charge $1 per additional mile.


Multiservice lawn care pros often offer discounts to customers purchasing packages and to those who prepay for treatments. For example, HortiCare offers 10 percent off when customers prepay by Jan. 1st for the entire year. A yearlong service, which includes treatments of fertilization and weed control, with this discount costs $360 instead of $400.

Trees and shrubs

Tree and shrub trimming as well as tree and shrub health maintenance are also options with many lawn care pros. Standard trimming is typically based on the hourly wage of the workers unless the job is a larger-scale project. Costs for tree and shrub health maintenance, on the other hand, are based on the number of trees, the type of health treatments requested and the size of the trees or shrubs to be serviced. For example, the master arborist at HortiCare offers plant health treatments with the following pricing:

  • Shrub health treatments on an approximately ⅛-acre lot: $89–$99

  • Fungicide, insecticide or antibiotic injections for trees: $10–$15 per inch of diameter of the tree—so the cost to treat an 11-inch diameter tree is $110.

  • The average cost for treating several trees on a property: $300–$500
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