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Professional piano movers can help move a piano from one room to another within the same house or building as well as to a completely separate location. Movers can help with concert grands, baby grands, spinets and upright pianos, as well as almost any other type. Pros can move pianos regardless of stairs, tight corners, lack of a freight elevator or other challenging circumstances. The piano can be moved a long distance or just a short distance across town. Customers might be individuals who need their piano moved to a new house, new piano owners who need transportation from the purchase site, or organizations or performers who need a concert piano moved to or from a performance location. Proper piano moving takes training, expertise and the appropriate equipment. Several factors affect the cost.

Hourly rate

Some piano movers charge an hourly rate for their services. Hourly rates cover the cost of labor as well as the equipment used. Hourly rates are sometimes applied in conjunction with a per-worker rate (larger concert pianos take multiple people to safely move), or they could apply to the piano entire moving team. Travel fees may be included in the hourly rate, or they could be extra.

Fixed rate

Some piano moving companies charge a fixed rate for moving pianos. Based on experience, the company can determine approximate costs for moving pianos of various sizes and weights. Costs are based on location in the home or building, obstacles to moving the piano and other extenuating circumstances. Here are some examples of average piano moving costs from Potter Piano Movers, Inc. in Fairfax Station, Virginia:

  • Concert grand piano, 9 feet in length: $425—these are the largest pianos available and can weigh over 1,000 pounds. With concert grands and most pianos, it is necessary to remove components such as the lid and tuning pedals and properly pack them before moving.

  • Grand piano, 7 feet in length: $375

  • Baby grand piano, typically 5–6 feet in length: $275

  • Upright piano, 4 feet or taller: $275

  • Studio piano, approximately 45 inches tall: $225

  • Spinet or console piano: $185

Moving equipment

Professional piano movers need the appropriate tools to disassemble, package and safely move instruments within a house or across town or over state lines in a truck. Part of the cost to the customer reflects the capital costs to the company of owning and maintaining the right equipment. Tools might include the following, among other items:

  • Moving truck

  • Four-wheel dolly

  • Pads and blankets

  • Locking piano belt

  • Skidboards


Stairs mean more work and higher risk for piano movers when it comes to safely transporting pianos. Companies often charge by the individual stair as opposed to charging for complete flights of stairs because flights have a varying number of stairs and some can have as many as 20 steps or more. Potter Piano Movers, Inc. charges $7 per step or stair. Additional fees are also applied for sharp turns; narrow doorways; moving a piano over grass, flagstone or brick walks; as well as for long distance moving. All of these factors represent additional challenges to safely moving a piano.


Most professionals recommend having a piano tuned after it has been moved. No matter how careful a moving company is, the instrument will sound best once it has been professionally retuned. Some companies offer piano tuning in addition to moving services, which would affect the total cost of services.

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