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Pool cleaning is available for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools, located indoors or outside. Services can include routine maintenance, winterization, inspection, draining and cleaning. Pools are commonly surfaced in tile, vinyl, concrete or fiberglass. Pool water may be salt water or chlorinated. Cleaning requests can include removal of algae, leaves and insects or help with the pool’s heating system, cleaning system, cover or lighting. Several factors affect the cost of pool cleaning services.

One-time cleaning

Most pool companies offer a one-time cleaning service to analyze the pool’s chemicals, determine an on-going treatment plan, scrub tiles or other surface materials, remove debris and check the pool filter. Prices for a one-time cleaning vary based on the length of time since the last pool cleaning, the amount of debris or algae in the pool, whether special chemicals are needed, and how much work is required of the pool technician.

Ongoing services

Most pool companies also provide ongoing cleaning and maintenance service plans that are offered on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. The more options included in a monthly service plan, the higher the overall cost. Waterfalls Pool Service in Plano, Texas, offers the following tiered service plans:

  • Test water chemistry, clean filters, check equipment, check for leaks and maintain run-time settings: $80+ per month

  • All the above, plus brush down the pool, clean traps and baskets, and check pool timer and robotic cleaner operation: $90+ per month

  • All of the above, plus vacuum and net the pool: $150+ per month


The more often a pool is cleaned, the higher the monthly cost—although more frequent services generally mean that each individual service costs less on average. For example, Champion Pool Service in Lavon, Texas, offers bi-weekly or weekly services. The company’s tiered pricing is based on the scope and frequency of services. The Bronze and Bronze Plus monthly packages offer the same exact services, but the package costs $40 more when requested four times a month instead of two times a month. Both services include a water level check, testing of the water chemistry, chemical application, emptying of baskets and bags, and a complete 17-point check.

  • Biweekly: $59+ per month

  • Weekly: $99+ per month

Filter cleaning

Pools typically have either a diatomaceous earth, sand or cartridge filter. Each filter type has a specific process for pausing operations so the filter may be cleaned and rinsed out. If a customer is only having a filter cleaned, the overall cost for the service may reflect the time and effort required to have an employee do the service call. For example, Junior’s Pool Service in Dallas, Texas, charges $75 for a filter cleaning.

Special chemicals

Standard pool chemicals are included in the cost of most one-time cleaning services and the majority of ongoing cleaning plans. The overall cost of services can increase if a pool requires specialty chemicals that need to be ordered for a specific pool. The client is generally billed for the cost of those chemicals.

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