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How much does moving a pool table cost?

Average cost in 20149: $375 See National


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The average cost for a pool table mover is $375. You are likely to spend between $275 and $510 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated September 1st, 2017

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Moving a pool table isn’t simply a matter of several strong people picking it up at both ends and moving it from point A to point B. Pool tables are bulky, extremely heavy, and also surprisingly delicate and intricate. If your pool table is already assembled, it will need to be properly disassembled to avoid damage while moving and then reassembled when it reaches its new location.

Even if you could conceivably move a pool table yourself, it is highly recommended that you use an experienced professional. While some general moving companies offer to move pool tables, it’s best to hire a professional who specializes in installing, servicing and moving pool tables. Less experienced movers may damage the slate or the balance, which detracts from the table’s quality of play.

A number of factors can affect the overall cost of moving a pool table, including the distance you are moving it, the size of the pool table, and various add-on services such as refelting.

Flat rate

Most pool table movers charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate. The price usually includes disassembly and breakdown of the table, moving and setup in the new location.


The cost of the move usually depends on where you are moving the table from and to. An in-house move is the cheapest, but you may be charged extra depending on how many stairs the table must go up or down. If you want to move the table to a storage facility or another home, there may be an added cost for mileage, fuel and tolls. The shorter the distance, the more likely those costs could be waived.

Size of table

When you contact a mover, be sure to have the make and size of your pool table handy because these details will affect the cost. Pool tables come in all sizes, from 5 feet to 12 feet, and the larger the table, the more costly the move.

Beck’s Billiards of Glendale, Arizona, for example, charges $239 to move a 7-foot table, $249 for an 8-foot table and $299 for a 9-foot table. Mileage and stairs are extra.

Make of table

Confirm that the mover is a licensed installer or dealer of the make of your pool table. You’ll want to make sure the mover can "tune" the table properly in its new location.

Ball return system and pockets

If a ball return system is part of the pool table, the mover may charge an additional fee of $25 or so. Costs can vary depending on whether your table has leather or plastic pockets.


If the pool table is not set up in a standard position, it might cost more to move. For example, Proper Pool of Philadelphia charges an extra $100 if a pool table is on its side or upside down with the legs removed.

Additional services

Some movers offer various pool table improvement services once the table is moved to its new location. For example, new felt for a pool table can cost an extra $100–$500, depending on the type of felt used.

Other factors

Some movers charge additional fees related to the number of pieces to be moved and reassembled and the thickness of the slate on the table, as well as the quality or age of the pool table.

Warranty or guarantee

Professionals can obtain certifications for various aspects of repairing pool tables but not for moving pool tables. However, many movers offer warranties or guarantees for their work—just be sure to check on this. Many movers offer these assurances as part of their standard pricing. For example, Recreation Depot of Lumberton, New Jersey, offers a 30-day level warranty on its service work.

Cost-saving strategies

Don’t attempt to disassemble the table yourself prior to the mover’s arrival. You could incur more charges because of improper disassembly, which will require extra time and labor on the part of the mover. Also before the move, discuss with the mover the costs for any repair or refurbishing you might want so that you aren’t surprised by your bill on moving day.

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I have now moved our pool table from OK to TX and finally to AZ. Dan and Marcus responded with a quote within an hour to my posting for assembly assistance, and it became obvious to me quickly I was dealing with a professional with outstanding customer service. They were able to setup an assembly time within a 24 hour window and had my high end table ready with new felt within 2 hours of arrival at our home. They were highly reliable, courteous, and clearly demonstrated the professionals they were! A great job with the highest recommendations has been earned. Their estimate and actual cost was well within reasonable ranges, in fact highly competitive!

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Pool Table Relocation went so great, and I had Larry place new felt which is beautiful. I have confidence that I will use this company many times. Larry and his partner exceeded all expectations.

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We had a tough job. A one-piece slate pool table that we needed moved out of our basement across town to a non-profit. Classic Home Billiards were the only pool table specialists in all of Charlotte who would move a one-piece because they are so heavy and unwieldy. CHS' crew of three professionals showed up when they said they would, went right to work and had the job done faster that I thought possible. Pete was great to deal with on the front end and his staff members were very efficient. The cost was very reasonable. I received a picture and a Thank You from the non-profit who had the table in action in less than two hours from the time CHS showed up at my house! I highly recommend Classic Home Billiards