How much does reiki healing cost?

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The average cost for a reiki healer is $80. You are likely to spend between $60 and $110 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique wherein the practitioner manipulates the flow of energy in a person’s body to improve their physical, mental and emotional health while also combating stress and tension. Reiki healing is often called "energy work." Learn more about reiki healing here. Clients may seek traditional Japanese or Western-style reiki to help with spiritual growth, improve physical health, improve mental clarity, release stress and tension, or manage pain. Most reiki practitioners offer sessions that last 45 minutes to 90 minutes or more. Several factors affect the cost of reiki healing.


A reiki practitioner’s location can affect the cost of services. Practitioners in certain areas of the country may charge higher rates for services based on local competition, cost of living and other factors. If the reiki healer travels to a client’s home or office to do the work, rates may also be higher to cover the healer’s time and transportation expenses.


Many reiki healers’ rates are based on the length of each session. The longer the session, the higher the cost to the client. While some healers only offer one length of time for their services, other healers offer tiered pricing based on session length. Here are some pricing examples:


Some reiki healers offer discounted rates on individual sessions when a client buys a bulk amount of lessons upfront. With package deals, professionals provide services at a reduced rate and at the same time secure future business for themselves, which is financially beneficial to both the client and the professional. Sonia M. Benson | Healer & Guide charges $270 for three 45-minute energy healing sessions, which is a 10 percent discount on the cost of her $100 individual sessions.


Reiki healers with advanced training or extensive experience may charge higher rates than those without the same professional pedigree. For example, a licensed acupuncturist with an advanced degree who is also a trained reiki master may have higher rates than a person solely trained in reiki.

Distance reiki

Many reiki practitioners offer distance healing either via telephone or Skype. Some practitioners offer these services at reduced rates, and some charge their standard rates. For example, Silver Star Reiki charges $125 for three distance reiki sessions versus the in-person trio package cost of $250.


Many reiki healers also offer reiki training and workshops to people who want to learn the technique. Costs for lessons may vary based on teacher experience and reputation, geographic location, and the intensity of the training. Here are pricing examples for trainings:

Richer Life Journey in Southborough, Massachusetts:

  • Class 1: $90 for three hours

  • Class 2: $90 for four hours

  • Class 3: $100 for four hours

  • Class 4: $100 for four hours

Lotus Mind & Body Healing Therapies in Allen, Texas:

  • Level 1: $175 for eight hours

  • Level 2: $275 for eight to 10 hours

  • Level 3: $375 for 12–14 hours

  • Reiki grand master class mentoring: $65 per class

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Celestial Soul Wellness Body Kneads by Sirena

Me and my partner were not sure what to expect. But this was an amazing experience. We received so much more than what we were looking for. We definitely left with more than our money's worth out of the kindness of Sirenas heart. Highly recommended!

Reiki 4US

I highly recommend Ricardo's services. Once I reached out to him, he responded right away! This was a big PLUS. He was very open and forthcoming. He is also very knowledgable and he makes you feel comfortable and at ease. This made it easier for me to be receptive to his treatment. I was a little nervous the first time because I did not know what to expect but afterwards I felt very calm and clearheaded. He takes his time to answer your questions and he's dependable. He works with your schedule and the prices are affordable compared to other Reiki healers. He does not push or try to sell you his services. Another PLUS. :-)

Sunlight of the Spirit Reiki

Joe is very kind and conscientious. The room that he currently works out of is wonderful, very soothing. He uses essential oils, calming music, smudging, crystals … the whole nine yards. He was even willing to do a complimentary angel card reading for me, however I thought he was worth paying the extra $10 to. His price is very reasonable, too. And he was so considerate that he did not allow me to pay in advance. You can tell that Joe truly has a healer's heart. He is very genuine and gracious. I do believe that he works with the angelic realm, as I could feel it. Following my 1-hr Reiki session, including the day after, I was extremely tired and somewhat depressed ... but by about 24 hrs later I was not only feeling like my old self, but better. I feel the Reiki was helpful in detoxing and rejuvenating me. Joe was also able to see and explain some neat things to me regarding my energy, etc., which I appreciated, and found very relevant/helpful. This was my first Reiki experience and it was well worth the money. I highly recommend Joe's services. I feel grateful to have found him.