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Install a walk-in tub with the help of a professional and start to reap health and safety benefits for you or your loved ones. Walk-in tubs are often installed as a replacement for standard tubs to accommodate a user’s mobility or health needs. A walk-in tub can make bathing easier for a person with a progressive illness, a wheelchair user, or an aging family member who is at greater risk of slipping or falling when climbing into or out of a standard tub.

Beyond the accessibility benefits, walk-in tubs provide a host of health benefits. The New England Journal of Medicine and the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons list benefits of hot water therapy that include decreasing blood pressure, simulating the increased heart rate effects of mild exercise (critical for people with mobility issues), promoting muscle relaxation, and increasing blood flow to the limbs. If you’re ready to benefit from a walk-in tub, here are the cost factors associated with installation.

Tub pricing

The retail cost of a walk-in tub will vary greatly based on brand, product line and features. If you purchase through a home supply store, prices can range from $3,000-$10,000. Mark Dake of Easy Step Walk In Tubs in Aubrey, Texas, explains that walk-in tubs are not well suited for do-it-yourselfers. Hire a competent contractor who can oversee all aspects of the job, he urges, as you’ll need an electrician, a tub supplier a plumber, and someone to handle the building component. Coordinating multiple contractors can cost more in the long run than hiring one company to oversee the entire installation. "Be very careful about the product you’re purchasing," warns Dake at Easy Step Walk In Tubs. “I’ve never seen a decent tub (with installation) under $13,000.”

Tub and installation

Installation costs depend on several variables, explains Dake with Easy Step Walk In Tubs. A contractor will always need to assess your mobility and health needs as well as examine the physical space where the tub will be located before they can recommend a tub and provide a quote. "How big is the space, do they use a wheelchair, are side or back spacers required during installation… These are some of the questions we have before giving a quote," explains Dake. Wheelchair users need a tub model they can roll into, while others may benefit more from a step-in model. Standard installation costs from Easy Step Walk In Tubs are:

  • $16,000 for tub and installation. Project includes:

    • Removing and disposing of the old tub.

    • Providing and delivering the new walk-in tub (models vary based on needs).

    • Removing the door frame (as needed) to allow entry for the walk-in tub, then reinstalling trim when the project is complete.

    • Installing spacers to create a uniform look (most walk-in tubs are taller and narrower than standard bathtubs; spacers fill any gaps).

    • Adding two new circuit breakers and two new electrical lines.

    • Connecting the plumbing for the new jet tub.

Additional costs

Walk-in tub and installation typically cost about $16,000 explains Dake at Easy Step Walk In Tubs. Factors that can increase the cost include plumbing problems that require additional work and electrical work that goes beyond the standard two-breaker, two-line addition. "Situations where the electrical panels are known to cause fires and we have replace the old panels with a master electrician, that might add an extra $1,800-$2,600," says Dake with Easy Step Walk In Tubs.

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