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How much does a wood fence installation cost?

Fencing professionals can install a new wood fence or replace a damaged one on a residential or commercial property. Wood fences provide privacy, protect homes and yards from wind and noise, define property lines, keep pets and kids safely enclosed, offer security, and add resale value. Wood fences typically come in pressure-treated pine or cedar, and the two most common wood styles are privacy fences or picket fences. Some contractors install ready-built wood panel fences, while others build the fence on-site. A written contract should specify the type of wood, assembly method and timeline of a project. Several factors affect the cost of installing a new wood fence.

Type of wood

Cedar and pressure-treated pine are two popular wood fence options. Cedar is selected for its ability to resist rot and bugs as well as its beautiful reddish tone. Pressure-treated pine is a durable and wallet-friendly option. Mat Haworth of Secure Superstructures in Martinsville, Indianapolis, says his company uses pressure-treated posts and slats for cedar picket fences to improve durability because over time a cedar post can deteriorate in the ground. A pressure-treated post will have a longer lifespan.

Linear feet

Fencing companies typically charge by the linear foot for wood fence installation. Costs usually include labor, building materials, concrete (for the posts) and wood. The price may be higher or lower, depending on how challenging the soil is, whether the terrain needs to be leveled or whether brush needs to be cleared. Not all fence-building companies provide clearing and leveling services, so always ask if you need that service. Haworth of Secure Superstructures says the average fence size his company installs about 150 feet long and takes a four-person crew one full day. For this type of straightforward pressure-treated pine fence installation, including two gates, Secure Superstructures charges approximately $3,000. Here are some additional examples of cost per linear foot:

Secure Superstructures

  • 6-foot pressure-treated pine fence: $15

  • 6-foot cedar fence: $25

  • 12–foot pressure-treated pine fence with custom detailing: $75

Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair of Orlando, Florida

  • 6-foot pressure-treated board-on-board pine fence: $17

  • 4-foot pressure-treated board-on-board pine fence: $18

    • The 4-foot fence is $1 per linear foot more than the 6-foot fence because it requires additional labor, explains Toni-Ann of Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair. Pickets don’t come in 4-foot boards, so the crew must cut 6-foot boards to the 4-foot height. Although the final fence is actually lower, the cost of the additional labor drives the price up by $1.
  • 6-foot cedar fence: $18–$19

  • 8-foot pressure-treated board-on-board pine fence: $21

Wood gates

The more gates installed in a fence, the higher the total cost will be. Gates require additional labor and materials, with prices varying by size and complexity. Haworth of Secure Superstructures recommends having at least two gates in a fence, so there are always two points of entrance to a yard. Here are some costs examples for installing a gate (including labor and materials):

Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair

  • Single-swing wood gate: $75

  • Double gate: $150

  • Large double gates (that require a metal frame for support): $300+

Secure Superstructures.

  • Single and double wood gates: $200–$400

  • Large double gate: $400–$1,000, depending on size

    • The company uses 6x6 post for hinged gates as well as metal frames to provide structure.

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