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Vinyl fences are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and provide a durable, easy-to-maintain and attractive alternative to wood and chain-link fences. "Everyone is moving to vinyl fences," says Toni-Ann Pabon of Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair in Orlando, Florida. “They last forever and look great.” A vinyl fence can be installed on a residential or commercial property for security reasons, to improve the property’s aesthetic, to boost curb appeal, to contain kids and pets, to mark a property line, to block wind, to define a garden or patio area, and so many more purposes.

Vinyl is versatile when it comes to design. It can be cut to replicate lattice, a picket fence, a privacy fence, tongue and groove, and other popular fence styles. Vinyl fences often come in tan or white but can be made in any color—although adding color increases the price. Vinyl fences are either bracketed or routed. "Bracketed vinyl fences are for DIY projects and come in prebuilt panels," says Mat Haworth of Secure Superstructures. “Professional grade, routed vinyl fences are installed by the pros. Vinyl is more expensive than wood, but it won’t fade like wood, and it has remarkable longevity.” Vinyl fences typically come with a warranty when installed by a professional. Several factors affect the cost of installing a routed vinyl fence at a home or business.

Linear feet

Most fence companies charge by the linear foot for installation. The price per linear foot typically includes the cost of labor and all the materials. So to calculate the total project cost for a vinyl fence installation, multiply the price per linear foot by the length of the fence (in feet). Here are a few cost examples:

Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair

  • 6-foot privacy fence: $19–$22 per linear foot

    • Note: In Florida, zoning requirements stipulate that fences in front yards can only be 4-feet high, which would be similar in price to a 6-foot fence.

Secure Superstructures

  • Basic vinyl fence installation: $25–$35 per linear foot

  • Decorative fence with specialty detail: up to $50 per linear foot

  • 195 linear feet of a 6-foot-high, white vinyl privacy fence: $8,000.

    • This price included two 4-foot-wide walk-through gates and a specially lowered fence base to contain customer’s small dog.

    • The project was a two-day job for a three-person crew, which included tearing out and disposing of the old fence.
  • 36 linear feet of a 4-foot-high, contemporary, white picket vinyl fence: $2,600.

    • This project included one gate and a standard install, which required 80 pounds of concrete.

    • Note that 4-foot vinyl fence and a 6-foot vinyl fence require the same amount of labor.


Gates allow access for pedestrians and cars into a fenced-in residential or commercial property. Haworth of Secure Superstructures recommends always having two access points in a fence. Pricing for gates varies, depending on the features, size, color and style. Here are a couple vinyl gate cost examples, including materials and installation, from Secure Superstructures:

  • 4-foot white vinyl walk-through gate: $300–$400

  • 8-foot white vinyl double gates: ~ $800

    • A gate more than 8-feet-long would cost $1,200–$1,500.


The installation price per linear foot can increase if the soil is extremely rocky or if obstacles, such as boulders or excessive brush, need to be cleared. Some contractors charge by the hour for any prep work required, and others roll the prep into the cost per linear foot, which will increase if a job requires more work.

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