How much will your fence and gate installation cost?

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Fence Installers on Thumbtack cost$1900 - $12000

National average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$0
  • Most common low price:$1900
  • Most common high price:$12000
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How much does a vinyl fence cost?

On average, a vinyl fence costs $3,024 to install or $19-$35 per foot. Total costs can reach $12,000, depending on its size. And decorative vinyl fences with specialty detail can cost up to $50 per linear foot

Vinyl fence cost:

Average cost $3,024
*Low-end cost $1,900
High-end cost $12,000

*Assuming costs are $19/ft.

Vinyl fence installation costs can vary based on a few factors, most notably the size and details of your project. Keep reading for a closer look at those factors, learn how you can request price estimates from fence installers in your area.

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Vinyl fence cost per foot

Most fence companies charge by the linear foot (typically $19-$35 per foot, but prices can vary) for installation of most fencing materials. The price per linear foot typically includes both labor cost and material costs.

Vinyl fence material costs could include vinyl fence panels, vinyl posts, post caps and other necessary items. To estimate the cost of your vinyl fence, multiply the price per linear foot by the length of the fence (in feet):

Linear feet Estimated cost
100 $1,900
200 $3,800
300 $5,700
400 $7,600
500 $9,500
600 $11,400
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Vinyl fence installation cost examples

Here are some real examples of vinyl fence costs from two fencing companies (Jay-Mar Fencing Installation & Repair and Secure Superstructures) on Thumbtack:

6-foot privacy fence $19-$22 per linear foot
Basic vinyl fence installation $25–$35 per linear foot
Decorative fence installation with specialty detail up to $50 per linear foot
 6-foot (195 linear feet), white vinyl privacy fence $8,000
4-foot (36 linear feet), contemporary, white picket vinyl fence $2,600

Vinyl gate cost

On average, adding a single gate can cost you $300-$400. A double-wide gate would start closer to $800. Pricing for gates varies, depending on the features, size, color and style.

Gates allow access for pedestrians and cars into a fenced-in residential or commercial property. Secure Superstructures recommends always having two access points in a fence. 

Here are a couple vinyl gate cost examples, including materials and installation, from Secure Superstructures:

Gate type Installation cost
4-foot white vinyl walk-through gate $300-$400
8-foot white vinyl double gates $800
More than 8-foot white gate $1,200–$1,500
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Vinyl fence cost factors

In addition to linear feet, the fence's height, design and other features will impact the cost of vinyl fences. Keep these factors in mind when budgeting your project:

  • Labor costs. Fence contractors and companies will factor labor into the quote they give you. Some fence installers charge by the hour for any prep work required. Average hourly rates range from $50-$60. Others will roll the prep costs into the cost per linear foot.
  • Material quality. The higher the quality the vinyl, the more you'll pay. Although it might be tempting to choose cheap vinyl, think twice before you do. Top-quality vinyl will last longer and require less maintenance. 
  • Amount of material. The more material you need, the higher your costs. 
  • Fence style. The style that you choose (picket fences, privacy fence, etc.) will impact how much you pay due to the amount of material needed. In many cases, a vinyl privacy fence costs more than vinyl picket fences because they will require more material.
  • Fence panel size. An 8-foot panel may cost more than 6-foot panels, but you may save more in total because you'll require fewer fence posts.
  • Fence height. The taller your fence, the more material you'll need — and the more you'll pay. 
  • Vinyl fence colors, designs or textures. Vinyl fences often come in tan or white but can be made in any color.  Want a black vinyl fence? Or one with wood grains? Expect your fence installation costs to go up.
  • Embellishments, post caps and gates. Requesting any special add-ons will also resort in a higher total project cost.
  • Site preparation. The cost to install vinyl fences can increase if your soil is extremely rocky or if obstacles, such as boulders or excessive brush, need to be cleared. The site's condition may impact fence post installation or how difficult it is to install vinyl fence panels.

You should also ask yourself these questions when planning your budget:

  • How much do retailers charge for vinyl fence materials? If you're thinking about buying materials from retailers like Lowe's or Home Depot, compare their prices. Or, you might want to have your contractor supply the materials instead. 
  • Does my yard need any prep work before installing my vinyl fence? Look at your yard's condition to determine if you need to do some landscaping. If so, include those landscaping costs in your budget.
  • Do I need someone to remove my existing fence? Hiring someone to remove your existing fence will increase your total costs. This might be a task you can DIY if you're on a tight budget.
  • Do I need permit to install a fence? Depending on the rules in your city or community, you might need to get a permit and pay a fee before you start building your fence.
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Vinyl fence styles

Fence styles vary widely, but vinyl fencing is versatile when it comes to design. It can be cut to replicate:

  • Lattice
  • Picket-style fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Tongue and groove

Think of it this way: Anything you can do with a wood fence, you can probably do to a vinyl fence —  but it will likely last longer and cost more.

Vinyl fence cost vs. wood

Are vinyl fences cheaper than wood fences? The short answer: No. Installing a vinyl fence costs more than installing a wood fence. The cost per foot for a wood fence starts at around $15.

Material Starting cost per linear foot
Wood fence $15/ft.
Vinyl fence $19/ft.

Are vinyl fences worth it?

Now that you have a clearer picture of vinyl fence pricing, you might be wondering, "Is a vinyl fence worth the cost?" To help you understand that question, keep these benefits in mind:

  • Durability and maintenance. Vinyl fences are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and provide a durable, easy-to-maintain and attractive alternative to wood and chain-link fences.
  • Privacy and security. A vinyl fence can be installed on a residential or commercial property for security reasons or to mark a property line.
  • Improve your property’s aesthetic.  Plan on selling your home in the future? You can boost your curb appeal by installing a fence. A fence can also define your garden or patio area. 
  • Contain kids and pets. If you have pets or kids that enjoy playing in the front yard, installing a vinyl fence is a good idea to keep them safer.
  • Block wind. Install a high privacy fence, and you'll be able to block strong winds. 
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Tips for hiring a fence installer

When searching for a fence installation pro, read their customer reviews and ratings to find out if they have a good track record with similar projects. You should also get cost estimates from several local professionals to ensure you pay a fair price. 

It's imperative that you ask the right questions before hiring anyone — especially as it pertains to your budget. For example, you can ask:

  • How much do you charge for vinyl fences? What's the labor and material cost?
  • What fence style do you recommend for my budget?
  • How much do you charge for different vinyl fence colors?
  • How much does a vinyl privacy fence cost? What about a picket fence?
  • Will it cost extra to add designs or textures?
  • How much does it cost to install a gate?

For more information on how to vet and choose a fence contractor, read our guide on how to hire contractors

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