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We are in the RESTORATION business. There are Brick pointers, stucco guys and concrete dudes, but only one company will patch and repair any masonry and blend it close to perfection. Which is something that takes years of understanding how masonry works. We're great at giving you NEW but the best at GIVING YOU BACK! I like surpassing my customer's expectations. I like making their job better looking then they thought possible. Pressing the envelope of perfection and watch them take it all in. A residence is not a structure on a street with a number to find it. It's a home. It's your home and my job is to give you a beautiful, weather tight and safe feeling from that home and in that job, I take great pride.

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Prospect Park, PA 19076

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    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      One thing that's important to notice about your contractor during his estimate visit to your home is...Was he hurried? Did he talk to you about your job to your satisfaction? or did it appear that he looked and left and sent you an estimate? and if he took the time to explain what was going on, Did it make sense to YOU? Lastly, Did it co-incide with what at least TWO out of the THREE contractors you asked. Get at least three opinions and prices to fix your job and the guy that comes right in the middle is usually the guy you want to go with because... He's not under bidding because he either doesn't know what's involved doing the job or that he's starving for work because nobody wants him and he's trying to undercut the other contractor's... and he's not trying to retire on your job either by asking to high a price for the scope of work at hand.

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    Coverage Area for Restoration Masonry Works is about 25+ miles of Prospect Park, PA.