Quality Piano Lessons


Get the advantage of being taught by a piano teacher who went to school with the legend Jesus Maria Sanroma and graduated Magna cum Laude from the Conservatory of Music in San Juan P.R. Inger Ross-Kristensen have been playing the ivories when she was still very young, and she is passing on her passion to her students.

I am not a rigid teacher and I try to find out what works for the individual person. I try to share the joy I have for the music and I usually succeed.

Inger uses the Suzuki piano technique to learners aged five years old and up. She also teaches traditional piano routines to older students. With the hope that the melody that this lovely instrument brings, she can also bring about delight to the children and their families.

We are having a lot of fun together; the parents share this, as they sit in on the lessons. I have been told of the excitement they children have practicing and how they look forward to come to the lessons. When they leave I get a big hug, so they probably consider me family.

It’s time to wriggle those talented fingers. Enroll at Inger’s Piano Studio, and start playing life’s tunes.

Let Your Dream Wedding Come True


A wedding is much like a fairy tale, but the best part is that it all happens in real life. Kari Morgan is here to make sure that the wedding you’ve been dreaming of is brought to life.

I love to help young couples carry out the vision of their wedding. Most girls have pictured from when they were young what their wedding day would be like, and it gives me great pleasure to listen to their dream and help them to carry it out.

Kari is based in Snohomish County. She can help with all details of your wedding day, from the first day of planning until the day you walk down the aisle.

My most favorable customer on Thumbtack so far is the one whose wedding I haven’t actually done yet. It’s still in the planning stages, with many key items secured so we know exactly what we are going to do. This bride has very high style, the reception will be absolutely beautiful, and there will be different things I haven’t done before so it’s a challenge, and we love that!

From conception to execution, Kari can have all your wedding details covered. Have a conversation with her today.

Improving Animal Manners with A Hug


Inappropriate pet behaviors may cause strain to your relationship and develop household stress. With animal trainer, Aunjel Thomas of Hugs and Gentle Tugs, these dilemmas are easily fixed with a blink of an eye. It is when you learn to trust Aunjel’s methods that you will start to experience peace of mind.

I love that I am able to help families keep their animals. Lots of families just need direction, and I’m glad that I can provide that for them.

Aunjel loves transforming those unruly pets into adorable and well-behaved companions. Among her successful and memorable projects was a training assignment for a poodle that leaps and tears anyone’s clothes to pieces. After sessions with Aunjel, the poodle was among the most courteous and adorable pets the family ever wished for.

Going the extra mile for her clients is what Aunjel is known for. Whether you need a break from an out of control dog or want a portrait with your pets, she will gladly grant that wish for you. Individualized services are always up for grabs when it comes to Aunjel.

Actually, I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember but my mother encouraged me to pursue dog training.

Don’t let bad-mannered pets destroy your pets future with you. Let Aunjel Thomas find ways to tame them and turn them into decent and lovable pets with an extra TLC.

Putting Life in Photography


For seasoned children and pet photographer Simi Friedman, when asked what best traits make her clients happy, she said,

Having a great sense of humor and a lot of patience doesn’t hurt.

Dealing with adorable yet immensely energetic animals, children and anyone who want quality images takes a huge amount of tolerance and experience. Simi loves working with dogs and kids and the unpredictable things that they do. She loves capturing their candid and spirited moments which she translates in quality prints.

Simi’s enthusiasm with her craft shows off in her brilliant works. She loves the fact that she is able to produce her client’s desired images which they are proud to hang on their walls and display in their living rooms.

Be real, don’t over-promise and always maintain an open line of communication.

Have your kid’s and pet’s most sincere moments be captured by Simi Friedman. Photos by Simi guarantees a fun-filled photo sessions that surely produce decent and memorable portraits./p>

Putting Your Best Face Forward


After earning her certificate in makeup artistry and spending many years of working in retail cosmetics, Kecia Holden decided to start her business KeCosmetics, a company that offers makeup services, precision eyebrow shaping and lash application.

This is not a job to me. It is my passion and purpose of waking up everyday. I love the look on my clients’ faces when I have enhanced their beauty in ways they didn’t think was possible.

Clients trust Kecia because she makes them feel comfortable in their skin. They are also assured the Kecia continues to improve her craft and is always up to date on the latest trends. Apart from providing bridal, runway, television, print and beauty makeup services, Kecia eagerly shares her knowledge and trade secrets by offering beauty basic classes.

My favorite project from Thumbtack was providing makeup services for mothers with children that have severe autism. Their children live and are provided with incredible care at a center. The moms were visiting on family day and were set up for interviews to be seen on the website for future clients and guests. Being with these strong and courageous women was so uplifting and inspiring. It is an experience that I will never forget!

Whether you are a classy lady wanting a more polished look or a hip and trendy male model who is always in front of the camera, Kecia is your girl-next-door makeup artist that will make you look fresh and glowing every time.

Real Estate Solutions


At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, you are assured of safe and detailed transactions. Spearheaded by Joseph DeLuca, this realty business has gained the trust and confidence from clients due to the focused attention they provide for each project.

I love the smiles from my clients when we close, and I get to hand them the keys to their new home.

From buying to selling a property, you can depend on Joseph’s knowledge in guiding you through the pros and cons of the process. He guarantees straightforward dealings that best fit your needs. He takes away your doubts in the real estate business.

Joseph understands the hassle and stress that come with marketing a property and looking for a new home that is suitable for you and your family’s requirements. That is why when he built Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, he makes it his mission to provide feasible solutions to this dilemma.

I keep my clients happy by always keeping them in the loop of what is going on and walking with them step by step until closing. Communication is the key.

Be well-informed of the ups and downs of the real estate world while Joseph DeLuca gets you the best deals of the most important decision of your life.

Vocal Development Studio


Discover the diva and rock star in you with vocal coach Jill Carnay’s guidance. She welcomes beginners and experienced singers to her studio where a melodious feast is a regular event.

I love sharing the joy of singing with my students; I love how singing touches all of the emotions and I love helping my students discover their voices and access their voices in ways they never thought possible.

Jill joins her students’ endeavors in achieving their individual goals as artists. They may have varied needs towards their singing journeys, but she tries her best to address them all to make their experience worthwhile.

When Jill was asked how she maintains her students’ enthusiasm in learning and improving, she said:

[The] most effective ways to keep [my] customers happy and satisfied are to be kind, genuine and listen to them. Every student has a different voice, and I don’t repeat the same lesson over and over. Each is a unique relationship.

If you want to be in a place where your voice is mostly cultivated to its highest potential, enroll at Jill Carnay Voice Studio. Take part of a melodic change!

Fitness Comes First


Everyone has the goal of becoming fit and healthy, but some people find it difficult to stay motivated and committed to achieving their fitness goals. This is where Regina Roberts can help.

I love my job mostly because it does not feel like a job. I LOVE what I do! I know that I have helped so many people lose so many pounds and inches but have gained so much more…their health, and that is priceless.

Regina knows the challenges that her clients have to face. She aims to make personal training just that – personal. She starts every fitness program with an assessment to ensure that her clients are aware of where they are and where they would be going.

I like finding a client who does not like to work out but knows he or she needs to. I feel that I specialize in finding just the right exercise for the right person; one that fits their goals, personality, and physical level. That is vital to success.

Start your journey to a fitter body. Consider Regina Roberts today.

Law Services On Your Side


With his extensive experience working with a number of firms, Jobeth Bowers has a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. Since starting his own firm, he has combined all the best aspects of his prior experiences to ensure good outcomes for all his clients.

My clients are all very unique, as are their situations, not just because I represent people in a variety of situations. Getting the ideal resolution and result for my clients is a very fact-specific undertaking.

Jobeth takes the time to educate his clients about legal issues to better prepare them for any situation they may encounter in the future. He prepares every single case like it is going to trial.

When I decide to take on a case and a client hires me, they know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen. As things progress throughout their cases, they know what’s going on.

If you are in need of sound legal advice, look no further. Consider Jobeth Bowers today.

Unleashing Your Artistry

Singer in the Studio

Quality multimedia production work is not easy to achieve, but Bruce Gaetke is up to the challenge! Bruce is the man behind Trans Point Media, and he has been a musician since he was 13. His love for audio recording and video post-production has evolved into three decades of experience that has enabled him to master his craft.

What I love most about my work is the process of creating music from the ground up. Hearing an idea develop from its early stages up until the song is mastered gives me such satisfaction, especially when the client is extremely happy with the outcome.

Bruce is committed to working closely and collaboratively with each client to ensure that he provides results that will leave them satisfied. He believes that communication is key to keeping his clients informed and involved.

A friend told me once “if you enjoy what you do for a living, you will never work a day in your life.” That’s so true. With that being said, I took it upon myself to eventually open up “Trans Point Media” as a Jobby (job-hobby). It has since morphed into something much more.

Bring out your artistry and let those notes be heard. Consider Bruce Gaetke today.