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About B&B Welding Service

Training and Development Overview

B&B Welding services

B&B Welding Services is a mobile welding service based in Austin, Texas, but we will travel anywhere in the US to fulfill our jobs. Our professional employees have over 50 years of combined experience and rely only on the highest quality welding equipment and supplies to ensure that your job is completed to meet or exceed your expectations.


Austin, TX 78728

Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Fencing and repair work on equipment

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Make sure that you check the work before they leave to ensure that it is to the quality you expect prior to completing payment, and make sure that they will come back to fix any issues if they may arise in the future.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. That there is more to me than just a pretty face...

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. 1. How long have you worked in this field?

2. Do you offer a warranty?

3. Can you weld the type of material i need to have welded?

4. Do you have experience in the type of welding that my job requires?

5. Be sure to explain thoroughly your goals and the level of precision you expect for the job and express any concerns before the job is started to ensure you are truly receiving the end product which you envisioned from the start. If saving money is a concern, ask if there are any acceptable variations in material which may bring the cost down without sacrificing integrity or durability depending upon what your goals are.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Make sure you know what you are looking for and have a general idea of how you want to go about getting it done. Unfortunately, we are not engineers and sometimes it can be difficult to plan something from start to finish if the customer has no idea what they want.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Here is an example. We were recently paid by a company to repair a fence job that another company did. They tac welded the fence together and filled the remaining gap with silicone rather than finishing the welds. We were paid to complete the job. This is one example of where another company outbid us significantly and in the end we were hired to fix their mistakes. This happens often unfortunately.

We will never cheat our clients, rip our clients off, or promise something that we cannot deliver. We have never done this once, and will not do it in the future. We are by far the most well trusted welding company in Central Texas, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. I enjoy welding in general. I enjoy building things from raw material. Fortunately, in my line of work, the thing i happen to be building today may be completely different from what i build tomorrow. One day i may be building a header for a motorcycle and another day building two miles of fence, then another day, welding a bucket on a giant excavator. Not to mention, i enjoy meeting and working with new people.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. Q. How long will it take you to get here?

A. How long does it take to get there?

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I enjoy seeing how happy people are when I am done with their project.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. how much I can really do and how well I can do it

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. I am good at it

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

A. We are particularly proud of every job we do. We never leave a job if the tasks were not performed to our or the customer's satisfaction. We are meticulous when it comes to every job we do and we always ensure the highest quality.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. I try to stay up to date via google

Q. What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

A. Generally speaking, we get excited about the latest equipment to hit the market. We try to keep up with Miller welding systems as well as Lincoln. We also frequently read industry publications and research new tools, equipment, methods, supplies etc on the internet to keep up with the new industry standards.

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

A. One of our most recent projects consisted of constructing 2 miles of tubular steel fence approximately 10 feet tall on a farm near Waxahache Texas.

We billed $12 per linear foot which in this case included materials. It took us approximately 15 days to complete the task.

Q. If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

A. We typically charge $45 per hour plus the materials needed for the job. At times we will have to the overall price if we have to travel a long distance to get to the job site. If that is the case, then we will add for gas, material delivery fee if we are the ones purchasing the materials, and things of that nature. Everything is included in the quote and is based on a case by case basis.

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

A. I would suggest that there is more to running a successful business no matter what area you are in than just learning the trade or skill required to produce a product.

My first word of advice would be to learn financial management and organizational skills.

My second word of advice would be to become an apprentice for a welder locally so you can learn the trade on a hands on basis.

There are many parts to running a business beyond just the skills needed, and it will require a lot of knowledge and experience in many areas in order to become successful on a large scale.

If you are looking to this for advice, i do wish you luck in your future ventures.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Full List:

Q. What type of metals can you work with?

A. We are able to work with a variety of metals both on location and in our shop. We specialize primarily in Steel and Aluminum.

Q. How long have you been welding?

A. I began welding when i was 12 years old, and since then have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and multiple certificates.

Q. Can you weld large machinery?

A. Yes! I have both repaired and made buckets for large machines from scratch.

Q. Do you offer any services outside of welding?

A. We also offer Steel Building Construction. Some parts of which we opt to weld to further structural integrity, however welding is not always necessary. We can erect steel structures for less than most of our competitors, and our quality of work is outstanding.

Q. Someone offered to do this same job for less, what gives?

A. Unfortunately, more often than not, you truly get what you pay for. Our quotes are fair and competitive given the cost of materials, labor, travel time etc. If someone bids considerably less on a particular job, it leads me to question their abilities as well as their standards. Typically, clients will come back to us to pay us to fix the mistakes of the company who underbid us.

Q. Do you work with contractors?

A. Yes! we are always looking for new contractors.

Q. Do i get a discount if i purchase the materials needed myself?

A. Absolutely. When we get a quote for materials, we usually provide the contact info for the distributor, and if you can meet or beat the prices we provide by going direct and have a means of delivery / pickup, we will gladly knock all material costs off of our quote and just charge the labor needed to complete the job.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Q. How long have you been welding?

A. I began welding when i was 12 years old, and since then have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and multiple certificates.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Q. What type of metals can you work with?

A. We are able to work with a variety of metals both on location and in our shop. We specialize primarily in Steel and Aluminum.

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